Friday, July 10, 2009

BUZZCOCKS: [1979] Singles Going Steady [iris]

SINGLES GOING STEADY is a collection of the Buzzcocks' singles, including both A and B-sides.
The Buzzcocks emerged from Manchester's thriving punk enclave with a succession of startling pop singles. Tight melodies and highly memorable ... Full Descriptionhooklines were enveloped in a breathless group sound full of purpose and drive which contrasted with singer Pete Shelly's dispassionate, almost throwaway, delivery. These eight singles, both a-sides and flips, covered a variety of subject matter, from masturbation ('Orgasm Addict') to 1981 nuspeak ('Everybody's Happy Nowadays'), without recourse to obfuscation. Such seminal recordings have ensured the Buzzcocks' place in a lineage just a bit below the Kinks and the Smiths as one of the best purveyors of the 45 rpm.

** Recorded at Eden Studios and Abbey Road Studios, London, England; T.W. Studios, Fulham, England; Olympic Studios, Barnes, England; Strawberry Studios, Stockport, England.

** Buzzcocks: Pete Shelley (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Steve Diggle (vocals, guitar); Steve Garvey, Garth Smith (bass); John Maher (drums).

.orgasm addict
.what do i get
.i don't mind
.love you more
.ever fallen in love
.everybody's happy nowadays
.harmony in my head
.what ever happened to
.oh shit!
.noise annoys
.just lust
.why can't i touch it
.something's gone wrong again CD UNIVERSE
..password: hha (1): (2):

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