Friday, July 10, 2009

BLITZ: Voice of a Generation + Bonus Tracks

Opens perfectly with We Are The Boys and ends perfectly with Closedown, with everything else you'd want in the middle. The crowning glory of 1st generation Blitz, it's also the last release with the original line-up. Lots of new songs and some re-recorded older stuff that blows away the originals (ie. Nation On Fire).
High: Moscow, Voice Of A Generation, Propaganda, Criminal Damage, Scream, Escape, We Are The Boys, Escape, Nation On Fire
Low: 4Q, Vicious, T.O.? (but they aren't too bad either)

.we are the boys
.time bomb
.voice of a generation
.i don't need you
.criminal damage
.nation on fire
.your revolution
.nation on fire (carry on Oi! Lp Version)
.youth (carry on Oi! Lp Version)
.warriors (alternative version)
.criminal damage (demo) AMAZON
..password: hha

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