Sunday, June 07, 2009

VARIOUS: Twenty Blasters from Blighty [Setanta Songs]

Another great comp. by rockabilly bands....

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..little pig [polecats]
..joint jumpin' [levi dexter]
..let's go boppin' [the deltas]
..ride, ride, ride [switchblade]
..who's knockin' [frantix]
..rockin' in the cemetery [ronnie dawson & the planet rockers]
..ready 'n' steady [the tribal bops]
..riverside jump [the b-men] the weekend [jack & the rippers]
..big sandy [the nitros]
..rock old sputnik [boz & the bozmen]
..i'm moving on [born bad]
..i can't stop [the b-men]
..rock me [the deltas]
..there'll be no more cryin' the blues [the planet rockers]
..squeaky [ronnie dawson & the b-men]
..dub scratch boogie [levi dexter] a feeling [the wigsville spliffs] dominoes [the planet rockers]
..born bad [born bad]

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dino said...

great fucking blog and great stuff, here you go my blog so see :D

geninho said...

upload "The Posers", please :)