Tuesday, June 30, 2009

VARIOUS: Rockin' At the Take-Two Volumes 1 & 2

This CD has been packed with tracks, as it is actually 2 albums on one CD. Both of these albums were previously unavailable until now and to add to that the CD also contains bonus tracks which were not on the last released version of the CD.
This CD contains many of the scenes top names such as Demented Are Go, The Deltas and The Frantic Flintstones as well as some other obscure and interesting bands.

[swords of a thousand men][screaming dead]
[dance with the dead][sugar puff demons]
[burnin' fever][the hepileptics]
[lover not a fighter][the hepileptics
[norman bates][the tailgators]
[should i stay or should i go][the tailgators]
[sleep kills][the batfinks]
[brand new cadillac][some kinda earthquake]
[love rock jive][some kinda earthquake]
[jungle rock][the radiacs]
[radiac drive][the radiacs]
[ring ring ringing][the frantic flintsones]
[alcohol buzz][the frantic flintstones]
[ragin' sea][the deltas]
[heart attack][the deltas]
[cigarette][ the deltas]
[island of lost souls][stage frite]
[take a trip][grovel hog]
[brain damage][the batfinks]
[sleep kills][the batfinks]
[hellraiser][the radiacs]
[indian reservation][the radiacs]
[skateboard frenzy][the coffin nails]
[myra hindley][the coffin nails]
[44][the frantic flintstones]
[hang 10][the frantic flintstones]
[one sharp knife][demented are go]
[rubber rock][demented are go]
[rubber buccaneer][demented are go]
[rubber plimsoles][demented are go]

..buy: http://www.cherryred.co.uk/anagram/artists/variouspsychobilly.htm
..home-page: http://www.cherryred.co.uk/anagram/artists/variouspsychobilly.htm
..password: hha
..link (pt.1): http://c390632c.linkbucks.com (MU)
..link (pt.2): http://94bd6a9d.linkbucks.com (MU)

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