Sunday, June 07, 2009

VARIOUS: [2003] The Best Of Fury Rockabilly Vol. 1 [Fury Recs.]

Great rockabilly compilation with unknown bands

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..she's just rockin' [sticks trio]
..motorcycle baby [rocket 3]
..i love my car [way out west]
..born wild [hellkatz]
..real gone baby [tasha and the enforcers]
..something baby [hicksville bombers]
..tear it up [catman hi-power]
..get on the end of this [the bootleggers]
..tempered steel [the treasures]
..take a chance baby [the hilltop boy]
..little bugga wugga [mouse zinn and the phantoms]
..wiggling blonde [frantix]
..somebody tell me [spo-dee-o-dee]
..flat top [rockabilly 88]
..camden town [school house rock] old man [the crestlers]
..hayley [the midnight dynamos]
..gonna shoot you down [the woodies]
..kiss me kate [haywire]
..good thing [dave phillips and the hot rod gang]

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