Monday, June 22, 2009

THE RAPED: [1994] The Complete Raped Punk Collection [Anagram]

RAPED formed in early 1977, a teenage quasigay punk antidote to the macho posturing of some punk protagonists. Singer SEAN PURCELL was one day a wired baby Iggy Pop mutilating his torso, another a prettier, fey version of Billy Idol; guitarist FAEBHEAN KWEST a manic in-yer-face gay Liverpudlian Hendrix freak (immortalised in Jon Savage's book for being rejected by the Sex Pistols); drummer PADDY FIELDS a Japanese with dyed pink purple and blonde hair in high heels, tights and hot pants; and bassist TONY BAGGETT the token ordinary member of the group.
Performing songs calculated to upset such as '(You're Not) Normal', 'Meatrack' (''Written from personal experience'') and the Who's 'I'm a Boy', they continued as they started by naming themselves 'Raped', managing to annoy and alienate almost everybody.
With their roots in glam heroes like Iggy Pop, David Bowei, Bolan and the New York Dolls, they revelled in upsetting the by then grey drab seriousness of the punk establishment. By mid-'77 the punk scene was split into factions, some trying to be working class laddish louts and others trying to intellectualise and sophisticate the cultural shock.

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..moving target
..escalator hater
..foreplay playground [demo] night out [demo]
..babysitting [demo]
..shit [demo] night out
..foreplay playground
..l-o-n-d-o-n [live]
..raped [live]
..slits [live] trash [live]
..normal [live]

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dz said...

thanks so much for this, have been looking for the record for a long time.

Beewak said...

Nice post, thanks. But you're missing the last 2 tracks (Moving Targets & Knock On Wood...)