Monday, June 22, 2009

RADIOBAGHDAD: [1997] Hooked on Ebonics [Friendly Cow]

True, beer-swilling, horribly tattooed, scabies-spreading, change-bumming street punks who took the Greyhound from Iowa to Hollywood Boulevard will fully appreciate Radiobaghdad, a band from Florida that sounds like Rollins-era Black Flag without Greg Ginn's virtuoso guitar skills and the overly long songs. Singer Lester Norris' voice is nearly as gruff as Rollins', while his lyrics are generally stupider than anything Rollins ever came up with. These guys sound like unrepentant addicts on a final bender dishing out all their demons before they jump off a bridge. Heavy stuff.
-- by Adam Bregman, Allmusic Guide

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..bob narley
..poor flipper
..behind his back
..rotten bastard
..chili song
..give up
..someday '97
..breakfast of champions
..stake yer faith
..bonus track-1
..bonus track-2

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