Monday, June 22, 2009

PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES: [1995] The Punk Singles Collection [Anagram]

It's very unlikely that when Peter & The Test Tube Babies first formed in their native Brighton back in early 1978, that they envisaged achieving anything other than an appearance on a local compilation and, if they were really luckym a support slot in a dingy London club! And yet here they are seventeen years later, still recording and touring, and incredbly, still featuring the original line up of Peter (vocals), Derek (guitar), Trapper (bass) and Ogs (drums).
Their first vinyl experience came courtesy of 1978's round up of Brighton based talent, the compilation LP ''Vaultage 78''. For the LP the Testies contributed ''Elvis is Dead'' and above all, highly humorous Punk Rock. Their extremely tight and always hilarious live shows saw them through the next couple of years before the burgeoning Oi! movement of 1980 caught hold of them, the band appearing on the first Oi! LP ''Oi! The Album'', and they signed to No Future Records.

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..banned from the pubs
..moped lads
..peacehaven wild kids like hell
..up yer bum
..zombie creeping flesh invitation [single version]
..smash and grab
..jinx [single version]
..trapper ain't got a bird
..never made it [single version]
..blown out again [rehashed remix]
..rotting in the fart sack
..ten deadly sins
..spirit of keith moon [single version]
..boozanza [single version]
..key to the city [single version]
..spirit of the keith moon [live]
..jinx [live]
..runk like hell [live]
..vicars wank too [live]

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