Monday, June 22, 2009

PAWNS & POLITICAL SILENCE: [1997] Power and Wealth Need Slave & Apathy... of the Government Dictates Oppression..Of People Breed [Bad Monkey Recs.]

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..a nap
..welcome to the monkey house
..body and mined
..badge of stupidity
..bury garcia holed
..slide-show nightmare
..follower of lies
..poison breed
..hillbilly party from hell
..for your rights
..what's in it for US
..civil disruptor social reformer
..guinea pig
..production life
..who mourns hypatia
..factor one
..the way i see mold
..drunk man on guns
..lost humanity
..two-way bullet
..defcon armageddon
..sold out
..political silence

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