Friday, June 26, 2009

FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HELL: Foolish Americans / Holy War / Die For Allah [Boner]

This band will remind you that thrash addressed real-world issues without lapsing into idiot politics, or getting emotional. It was the music of the dispossessed suburban child trying to make sense of the adult world as concept, and remains some of the most vital and insightful protest music ever created.
Where metal tried to find a theory, and punk tried to find a political lifestyle, thrash was like Nietzsche's philosophical hammer, testing every concept found in the news and high schools and spitting out a binary verdict: sane or insane.
Like most thrash bands, FIFH music has punk song structures with metal riffs; unlike the rest, this is bouncy and closer to punk rock than punk hardcore, and is also surprisingly musically advanced. Dissonant chords, offbeat rhythmic structures, and an almost prog rock version of the breakneck tempo changes common to the genre distinguish this band.
"Thanks for the missiles/The cake and the guns/The Bible, The money-for all that you've done/Thanks Uncle Ollie, but now it's our turn/We kneel to no one/and soon you will learn/Kneel to no one" Praise Allah!

[new gods]
[big crime 89]
[martyr in every home]
[foolish americans]
[we own the world]
[special delivery]
[iran hash]
[forced down your throat]
[pushing armageddon]
[surfin' in the persian gulf 655]
[all in a days work]
[peace thru power]
[holy war]
[burn the books]
[kneel to no one]
[die for allah]
[what's in the news]
[life inside iran]
[intro iranians on bikes]
[simple life]
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