Tuesday, June 30, 2009

VARIOUS: Rockin' At the Take-Two Volumes 1 & 2

This CD has been packed with tracks, as it is actually 2 albums on one CD. Both of these albums were previously unavailable until now and to add to that the CD also contains bonus tracks which were not on the last released version of the CD.
This CD contains many of the scenes top names such as Demented Are Go, The Deltas and The Frantic Flintstones as well as some other obscure and interesting bands.

[swords of a thousand men][screaming dead]
[dance with the dead][sugar puff demons]
[burnin' fever][the hepileptics]
[lover not a fighter][the hepileptics
[norman bates][the tailgators]
[should i stay or should i go][the tailgators]
[sleep kills][the batfinks]
[brand new cadillac][some kinda earthquake]
[love rock jive][some kinda earthquake]
[jungle rock][the radiacs]
[radiac drive][the radiacs]
[ring ring ringing][the frantic flintsones]
[alcohol buzz][the frantic flintstones]
[ragin' sea][the deltas]
[heart attack][the deltas]
[cigarette][ the deltas]
[island of lost souls][stage frite]
[take a trip][grovel hog]
[brain damage][the batfinks]
[sleep kills][the batfinks]
[hellraiser][the radiacs]
[indian reservation][the radiacs]
[skateboard frenzy][the coffin nails]
[myra hindley][the coffin nails]
[44][the frantic flintstones]
[hang 10][the frantic flintstones]
[one sharp knife][demented are go]
[rubber rock][demented are go]
[rubber buccaneer][demented are go]
[rubber plimsoles][demented are go]

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..home-page: http://www.cherryred.co.uk/anagram/artists/variouspsychobilly.htm
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RESTLESS: Lost Sessions

Great and catchy rockabilly band!!

[all the time]
[black magic]
[it'd be a doggone lie]
[break up]
[devil doll]
[i'm comin' home]
[love crazy baby]
[goose bumps]
[honky tonky man]
[morse code]
[put me down]

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MONSTER SQUAD: [2004] Strength Through Pain [Charged]

N. California’s Monster Squad are one of the hardest working bands in the scene today. Monster Squad like their label mates Frontline Attack are heavly influenced by early American Hardcore while mixing it with sing a long Brit punk. These guys could easily fit a bill of straight ahead hardcore you’d hear on Bridge 9 records just as easily as they do on tour with the Casualties. This is their first full length, they have a split CD and 4 way split on Rodent Popsicle Records.

['till the end]
[switchblade kids]
[no destiny]
[on the edge]
[through my eyes]
[no use]
[death and destruction]
[strength through pain]

..buy: http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=103147&
..home-page: http://www.myspace.com/monstersquadpunks
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..link: http://31ebd415.linkbucks.com (MU)

If you like RAMONES, The Queers and Screeching Weasel you'll love this band.. Pop Punk Rock at best...

[cut me loose]
[3 chord baby]
[i've been waiting]
[i just want to feel alive]
[kiss your world goodbye]
[maybe it's you]
[untitled 2]
[what i'm doing wrong]
[sound of inevitability]

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HOTRODBOB: [2004] No Sir-Ee Bob [Yawn]

HotrodboB formed in the summer of 2002. Recomended if you like: Social Distortion, Green Day, Alkaline Trio, The Ataris. 4 guys from the middle of Oklahoma who play punk rock w/ dark subject matter like the Alkaline Trio but tell a story w/ each verse of every song. If you take one part Johnny Cash, one Part Hank Williams Sr., one Part Alkaline Trio, One Part Social Distortion, one Part Green Day, put it in a blender & you've got 4 Oklahomans in a band called HotrodboB.

[700 club]
[apartment 213]
[these walls]
[what's stopping me today]
[very end]
[precious time]
[oh vanessa!]
[one thing i need]
[500 more]

..buy: http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=59224&
..home-page: www.myspace.com/hotrodbob
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Friday, June 26, 2009

FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HELL: Foolish Americans / Holy War / Die For Allah [Boner]

This band will remind you that thrash addressed real-world issues without lapsing into idiot politics, or getting emotional. It was the music of the dispossessed suburban child trying to make sense of the adult world as concept, and remains some of the most vital and insightful protest music ever created.
Where metal tried to find a theory, and punk tried to find a political lifestyle, thrash was like Nietzsche's philosophical hammer, testing every concept found in the news and high schools and spitting out a binary verdict: sane or insane.
Like most thrash bands, FIFH music has punk song structures with metal riffs; unlike the rest, this is bouncy and closer to punk rock than punk hardcore, and is also surprisingly musically advanced. Dissonant chords, offbeat rhythmic structures, and an almost prog rock version of the breakneck tempo changes common to the genre distinguish this band.
"Thanks for the missiles/The cake and the guns/The Bible, The money-for all that you've done/Thanks Uncle Ollie, but now it's our turn/We kneel to no one/and soon you will learn/Kneel to no one" Praise Allah!

[new gods]
[big crime 89]
[martyr in every home]
[foolish americans]
[we own the world]
[special delivery]
[iran hash]
[forced down your throat]
[pushing armageddon]
[surfin' in the persian gulf 655]
[all in a days work]
[peace thru power]
[holy war]
[burn the books]
[kneel to no one]
[die for allah]
[what's in the news]
[life inside iran]
[intro iranians on bikes]
[simple life]

..buy: http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=87806&
..home-page: www.myspace.com/fearlessiraniansfromhell
..password: hha
..link (pt.1): http://227e1a38.linkbucks.com
..link (pt.2): http://f6914584.linkbucks.com
FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HELL: Fearless Iranians From Hell [EP]

[land of the free]
[blow up the embassy]
[iranian klan]

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..home-page: www.myspace.com/fearlessiraniansfromhell
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CHAOS U.K.: King For A Day [EP]

Chaos UK began its long journey in 1979, with a lineup consisting of vocalist Simon, guitarist Andy, bassist Kaos, and drummer Potts. They eventually signed with Riot City Records and released two 7" records in 1982. That same year, they released an eponymous LP with a slightly different lineup. Kaos had moved to vocals, and new members Spot and Nige took over on drums and bass, respectively. They left the label soon after and disappeared until 1984's Lawless Britain, also known as Short Sharp Shock, which came out on Children of the Revolution Records. They also had a new lineup at this point, now featuring singer Mower, drummer Chuck, guitarist Gabba, and Kaos. An interesting minor controversy would result from this album, as Michelle Shocked would release an album called Short Sharp Shocked with virtually the same cover art, much to the band's dismay.

[king for a day]
[outta my brain]

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..home-page: http://www.myspace.com/chaosukmusic
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CURSE: [2002 Curse [EP-Hellbent]

They say hardcore music comes around in cycles; well it's coming back again! Plain and simple, honest and brutal, hardcore is back. In your face, point your middle finger, walk on peoples heads hardcore the way we like it. The Curse is here to stay! Hailing from the city of brotherly love, these four Philadelphia natives are fresh on the scene and need no comparison. This record will redefine whatever you think punk is. The Curse has already shared the stage with the likes of: Sick Of It All, Avail, Hot Water Music, Kill Your Idols, Strike Anywhere, and Trial By Fire. The Curse features current members of Paint It Black (Founding members from Kid Dynamite, Good Riddance, and Lifetime) and former members of Step Ahead and Kill The Man Who Questions.

[april 15th]
[benson & hedges]
[sell it somewhere else]
[fish don't fry]
[rankers and rotters]

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Monday, June 22, 2009

POSTER CHILDREN: [1993] Tool Of The Man [Sire]

Tool of the Man found Poster Children not only coming to grips with life on a major label (and doing it very well -- their experiences at never owing Sire any money while taking charge of their own career are an object lesson for nearly all acts), but sounding even better than ever. Not that their previous albums were terrible, but there's a live-wire punch right from the start that makes both the band as a whole and Rick Valentin in particular sound all the more merrily upfront. His singing isn't always as buried as it was before, stronger and more confident in the same way that the music -- especially in contrast to so much of the grunge-wannabe style at the time -- had a nervous, fierce edge throughout, even at slower tempos. The quartet's ear for hard rock rampage in a post-punk guise hadn't changed any -- Rose Marshack's bass, in particular, now sounded like it could knock down walls without even trying -- but there's all the energy of new wave quirkiness without seeming like a quirky new wave band. How else to explain the full-on mayhem of "Tommyhaus" or the giddy energy of "Outside In" -- songs that are as heavy as any listener could want but succeed first and foremost at putting a smile on a listener's face? As for straight-up rock power, there's "In My Way" (check out the surging mid-song guitar blast in particular, truly monumental stuff), the near-obsessive focus of "Redline," and the no-amps-cranked-higher death march of "Idiot Show." The full balance would yet be found on the amazing Junior Citizen, but Tool of the Man is less successful than that album only by a matter of degrees. Best song titles this time around: "Blatant Dis" and "Shotguns & Pickups," both of which quickly blast out without apology.
-- by Ned Raggett, Allmusic Guide

tRaCk lIsTiNg
1.dynamite chair
3.in my way
4.clock street
6.shotguns & pickups
7.blatant dis
8.idiot show
9.outside in
10.three bullets

** Home-page - www.posterchildren.com/
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POSTER CHILDREN: [1995] Junior Citizen [Sire]

With co-production help from Brian Anderson and a great mix by Bryce Goggin, Poster Children perfected their synthesis of huge stomp, fun, and funny spirit on Junior Citizen, their best record and easily 1995's most underrated rock release from the States. Making records just the way they wanted to but not getting the attention -- sales or otherwise -- they should have is a crime, but such are the ways of the business; what matters is that the music still sounds as great as when it was recorded. Rick Valentin's vocals are sounding all the more varied and as interesting as ever, from the distorted lead on "Get a Life" to the warm work on "He's My Star" and the lovely yet powerful album-closer "One of Us." "He's My Star" itself is probably one of the best songs of its kind -- it's a partially acoustic and downright heartfelt homage to an idol, but of all people it's Baywatch's David Hasselhoff (and hey, why not?). The awesome epic rock arrangements are far from gone; check out the amazing psych-tinged "Drug I Need," which turns into a jaw-dropping, sky-scraping monster; "Downwind"; or the slyly titled "Mustaine." But it's songs like the wonderfully titled "Revolution Year Zero" and "King for a Day" which capture the blend of hyper-amped energy and loud-as-hell mania (drummer Howie Kantoff, in particular, just can't be beat). "New Boyfriend" captures all the competing impulses at their best; Valentin's lyrical complaint about the titular character is just as fine as the cutting music behind it. But if there's an absolute standout, it's the title track, starting off with a drum-machine beat and shifting into a frenetic singalong with a clipped, catchy melody and an absolutely killer chorus. The lyrics are pretty sweet as well, a little bit of fun about the anime equivalents of the band looking for new recruits in "the war with the empire of the bored."
-- by Ned Raggett, Allmusic Guide

tRaCk lIsTiNg
1.get a life
2.junior citizen
3.he's my star
4.revolution year zero
5.drug i need
6.new boyfriend
7.wide awake
8.king for a day
11.one of us

** Home-page - www.posterchildren.com/
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HOT ROD CIRCUIT: [2000] If It's Cool With You It's Cool With Me [Triple Crown Recs.]

The next album released by HRC hit record stores in September 2000; it was named "If It’s Cool With You, It’s Cool With Me" and remains to be one of their more popular records. The record included songs such as "The Power of the Vitamins", "This is Not the Time or Place", and "Flight 89". The record also featured the bands first taste of radio airplay when their single "Radio Song" came in at number two on the college radio charts. In addition drummer Michael Poorman became Wes Cross's replacement.In support of the release, Hot Rod Circuit did national tours with bands such as Jimmy Eat World and Reggie and the Full Effect. They also did an acoustic tour with "The New Amsterdams".The band also released a video of the song "Flight 89", which was directed by Gorman Berchard. The band at this point had gone as far as possible with Triple Crown Records, and it was now time for the band to take a large leap forward.

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..radio song
..two hand touch
..the power of vitamins
..cool with me
..this is not the time or place
..smithsonian liver
..flight 89 north american
..you kill me
..what's left standing

** Home-page - www.myspace.com/hotrodcircuit
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PAWNS & POLITICAL SILENCE: [1997] Power and Wealth Need Slave & Apathy... of the Government Dictates Oppression..Of People Breed [Bad Monkey Recs.]

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..a nap
..welcome to the monkey house
..body and mined
..badge of stupidity
..bury garcia
..fox holed
..slide-show nightmare
..follower of lies
..poison breed
..hillbilly party from hell
..for your rights
..what's in it for US
..civil disruptor social reformer
..guinea pig
..production life
..who mourns hypatia
..factor one
..the way i see
..living mold
..drunk man on guns
..lost humanity
..two-way bullet
..defcon armageddon
..sold out
..political silence

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THE RAPED: [1994] The Complete Raped Punk Collection [Anagram]

RAPED formed in early 1977, a teenage quasigay punk antidote to the macho posturing of some punk protagonists. Singer SEAN PURCELL was one day a wired baby Iggy Pop mutilating his torso, another a prettier, fey version of Billy Idol; guitarist FAEBHEAN KWEST a manic in-yer-face gay Liverpudlian Hendrix freak (immortalised in Jon Savage's book for being rejected by the Sex Pistols); drummer PADDY FIELDS a Japanese with dyed pink purple and blonde hair in high heels, tights and hot pants; and bassist TONY BAGGETT the token ordinary member of the group.
Performing songs calculated to upset such as '(You're Not) Normal', 'Meatrack' (''Written from personal experience'') and the Who's 'I'm a Boy', they continued as they started by naming themselves 'Raped', managing to annoy and alienate almost everybody.
With their roots in glam heroes like Iggy Pop, David Bowei, Bolan and the New York Dolls, they revelled in upsetting the by then grey drab seriousness of the punk establishment. By mid-'77 the punk scene was split into factions, some trying to be working class laddish louts and others trying to intellectualise and sophisticate the cultural shock.

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..moving target
..escalator hater
..foreplay playground [demo]
..cheap night out [demo]
..babysitting [demo]
..shit [demo]
..cheap night out
..foreplay playground
..l-o-n-d-o-n [live]
..raped [live]
..slits [live]
..cheap trash [live]
..normal [live]

** Home-page - n/a
** Buy - www.cherryred.co.uk

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RADIOBAGHDAD: [1997] Hooked on Ebonics [Friendly Cow]

True, beer-swilling, horribly tattooed, scabies-spreading, change-bumming street punks who took the Greyhound from Iowa to Hollywood Boulevard will fully appreciate Radiobaghdad, a band from Florida that sounds like Rollins-era Black Flag without Greg Ginn's virtuoso guitar skills and the overly long songs. Singer Lester Norris' voice is nearly as gruff as Rollins', while his lyrics are generally stupider than anything Rollins ever came up with. These guys sound like unrepentant addicts on a final bender dishing out all their demons before they jump off a bridge. Heavy stuff.
-- by Adam Bregman, Allmusic Guide

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..bob narley
..poor flipper
..behind his back
..rotten bastard
..chili song
..give up
..someday '97
..breakfast of champions
..stake yer faith
..bonus track-1
..bonus track-2

** Home-page - MySpace
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PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES: [1995] The Punk Singles Collection [Anagram]

It's very unlikely that when Peter & The Test Tube Babies first formed in their native Brighton back in early 1978, that they envisaged achieving anything other than an appearance on a local compilation and, if they were really luckym a support slot in a dingy London club! And yet here they are seventeen years later, still recording and touring, and incredbly, still featuring the original line up of Peter (vocals), Derek (guitar), Trapper (bass) and Ogs (drums).
Their first vinyl experience came courtesy of 1978's round up of Brighton based talent, the compilation LP ''Vaultage 78''. For the LP the Testies contributed ''Elvis is Dead'' and above all, highly humorous Punk Rock. Their extremely tight and always hilarious live shows saw them through the next couple of years before the burgeoning Oi! movement of 1980 caught hold of them, the band appearing on the first Oi! LP ''Oi! The Album'', and they signed to No Future Records.

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..banned from the pubs
..moped lads
..peacehaven wild kids
..run like hell
..up yer bum
..zombie creeping flesh
..no invitation [single version]
..smash and grab
..jinx [single version]
..trapper ain't got a bird
..never made it [single version]
..blown out again [rehashed remix]
..rotting in the fart sack
..ten deadly sins
..spirit of keith moon [single version]
..boozanza [single version]
..key to the city [single version]
..spirit of the keith moon [live]
..jinx [live]
..runk like hell [live]
..vicars wank too [live]

** Home-page - www.testtubebabies.co.uk/
** Buy - www.cherryred.co.uk

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PSYCHIC POSSESSOR: Nós Somos A América do Sul [Cogumelo]

Great classic brazilian old school hardcore...

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..Ação Terrorista
..Porque Razão
..Vítimas da Miséria
..Vote Nulo
..Disciplina Militar
..SOS Amazônia
..Governo Quércia
..Consciência Nacionalista
..O Mundo nos Sufoca
..América do Sul

** Home-page - n/a
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THE RAMAINZ: [2003] Live in New York City [Trama]

Raw and rip-roaring live album by trio featuring Dee Dee and Marky Ramone covering many familiar punk anthems as well as a few unreleased tracks. No overdubs were added to the recording, making the listening experience as sweaty and energetic as the live experience. 21 tracks, all recorded at the Continental in New York City. 1999 release. It was late 1996; Joey Ramone was working on a solo album and guitarist Johnny Ramone had retired to suburban luxury. Longtime drummer Marky Ramone had his band the Intruders, but there was unease in the musical fantasyland that was the Ramones. It was in this vacuum that the Ramainz were formed.
Originally calling themselves "the Remains," because they were all that remained of the legendary punk rockers, Marky Ramone and original bassist Dee Dee Ramone put the band together as a live project to perform Ramones songs (many of which were written by Dee Dee in the first place). Sporadic live shows were performed in 1996-1997, mostly in and around New York City, with Dee Dee on guitar and vocals, C.J. Ramone on bass, and Marky on drums. Dee Dee's wife, Barbara Zampini (aka Barbara Ramone), filled in on bass after C.J. departed; Ben Trokan of the Intruders was added later on guitar. After a couple of years of playing, they changed the band's name to the Ramainz to avoid potential conflicts with Barry & the Remains.
-- by Rev. Keith A. Gordon, Allmusic Guide

tRaCk lIsTiNg
1. Rockaway Beach
2. Commando
3. I Don't Care
4. Teenage Lobotomy
5. Beat On The Brat
6. Chinese Rocks
7. Rock & Roll Vacation In L.A.
8. Listen To My Heart
9. I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
10. I Wanna Be Sedated
11. Cretin Hop
12. Hop Around
13. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
14. I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
15. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
16. Wart Hog
17. Chain Saw
18. Jusy Is A Punk
19. Loudmouth
20. Blitzkrieg Bop
21. 53rd & 3rd

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PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES: [1995] Rotting in the Fart Sack [We Bite Recs.]

Great Ep from this legends of punk rock..get it!!

tRaCk lIsTiNg
1 - The Deadly Sins
2 - Rotting in the Fart Sack
3 - Spirit of Keith Moon
4 - Boozanza
5 - Alcohol

** Home-page - www.testtubebabies.co.uk/
** Buy - www.cherryred.co.uk

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

ONE TIME ANGELS: [2001] Sound of a Restless City [Adeline]

Formed in the late '90s in San Francisco, CA, by Johnny Cruz (drums), Dong Sangalang (guitar, vocals), Mickey Dunegan (bass), the One Time Angels combine the energy of punk-pop tunes with the power and frenzy of heavy rock. After a period of time during which they played numerous live shows, the team entered the studio to record its debut disc alongside guitarist Scotty Hay. Sound of a Restless City, the crew's first album, showed up in 2000, enjoying a considerable notoriety within the local music scene.

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..soul rebel sound
..side tracked (only human)
..rose carnation
..see you in spring
..chase the sun
..inches, blood and time
..new frontier
..fall from grace
..decorated memory

** Home-page - n/a
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HOT ROD CIRCUIT: [1999] If I Knew Now What I Knew Them [Triple Crown Recs.]

The band was originally known as Antidote under which they released the album Mr. Glenbowski, which won the group the award of Best Unsigned Band of 1998 by Musician Magazine. The band subsequently moved to Connecticut and released If I Knew Now What I Knew Then under their present moniker.
Hot Rod Circuit's first record, "If I Knew Now What I Knew Then" hit stores on September 21, 1999. The Band was composed of Andy Jackson on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Casey Prestwood on Lead Guitar, Greg Mitchell on Bass and Vocals, and Wes Cross on drums. The disc featured songs such as "Weak Warm", "Remover", and "Irish Car Bomb", which still to this day remain fan favorites. The band had done several shows that year in the New England area, along with tours that had the band "Jazz June". The band's drummer, Wes Cross left the band by before their next release.

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..weak warm
..irish car bomb
..medicated lungs
..achy breaky hockey hair
..goog intentions
..chinese cuts

** Home-page - www.myspace.com/hotrodcircuit
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Sunday, June 07, 2009

VARIOUS: Twenty Blasters from Blighty [Setanta Songs]

Another great comp. by rockabilly bands....

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..little pig [polecats]
..joint jumpin' [levi dexter]
..let's go boppin' [the deltas]
..ride, ride, ride [switchblade]
..who's knockin' [frantix]
..rockin' in the cemetery [ronnie dawson & the planet rockers]
..ready 'n' steady [the tribal bops]
..riverside jump [the b-men]
..at the weekend [jack & the rippers]
..big sandy [the nitros]
..rock old sputnik [boz & the bozmen]
..i'm moving on [born bad]
..i can't stop [the b-men]
..rock me [the deltas]
..there'll be no more cryin' the blues [the planet rockers]
..squeaky [ronnie dawson & the b-men]
..dub scratch boogie [levi dexter]
..got a feeling [the wigsville spliffs]
..pink dominoes [the planet rockers]
..born bad [born bad]

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VARIOUS: [2003] The Best Of Fury Rockabilly Vol. 1 [Fury Recs.]

Great rockabilly compilation with unknown bands

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..she's just rockin' [sticks trio]
..motorcycle baby [rocket 3]
..i love my car [way out west]
..born wild [hellkatz]
..real gone baby [tasha and the enforcers]
..something baby [hicksville bombers]
..tear it up [catman hi-power]
..get on the end of this [the bootleggers]
..tempered steel [the treasures]
..take a chance baby [the hilltop boy]
..little bugga wugga [mouse zinn and the phantoms]
..wiggling blonde [frantix]
..somebody tell me [spo-dee-o-dee]
..flat top [rockabilly 88]
..camden town [school house rock]
..my old man [the crestlers]
..hayley [the midnight dynamos]
..gonna shoot you down [the woodies]
..kiss me kate [haywire]
..good thing [dave phillips and the hot rod gang]

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ARGY BARGY: [2008] The Like Of Us [Captain Oi!]

Brand new studio album from the leading lights of the UK Oi!/Street Punk movement, Argy Bargy, fronted by the legendary Watford Jon and with Cock Sparrer's Daryl Smith on guitar.

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..your time will come
..lights over london
..there's gonna be a riot
..no regrets
..right to fight
..i believe
..my life
..no news is good news
..i'll be there for you
..don't wanna be like you
..one more drink
..can't take it anymore
..same old story
..the like of us

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KRAUT: Complete Studio Recordings 1981-1986 [New Red Archives]

KRAUT formed the golden (or Bermuda) triangle of New York Punk in the early eighties along with REAGAN YOUTH and THE MISFITS. Good friends with SEX PISTOL Steve Jones, who plays 2nd guitar on some of the cuts presented here, KRAUT had the first punk video to by played on MTV ("All Twisted") and "Unemployed" was an anthem of the time. Doug Holland went on to play in THE CRO-MAGS

tRaCk lIsTiNg
..all twisted
..don't believe
..arming the world
..doomed youth
..last chance
..sell out
..army spot
..society's victim
..kill for cash
..strongest man
..new law
..see it clear
..juvenile justice
..flossing with an e string
..slow down
..wolf pack
..in the dark
..no no no

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