Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NRA: Machine [GEARHEAD Recs.]
Sixth go-round for veteran Dutch punks NRA is aptly titled - first song "Why Did I Listen To You" fairly busts out of your speakers like that snarling fumetti android Ranxerox from Heavy Metal and proceeds to batter you around the room for the next fifteen tracks with a potent left-right combo of boundless energy and Black Flag/Husker Du-style hooks. But also like dear old Ranx, there's a heart bristling under that leathery hide, and you can hear it beat in frontman Aziz's war-weary vocals, and in the band's relentless drive (boosted again by Dutch engineer supreme Menno Bakker), which hasn't flagged much over its fifteen-year history. Sometimes taking a punch can be the best thing you can do to clear your head, so if the armies of faceless punk outfits have you in a haze, step up to NRA and let them clean your clock. You'll thank us for it later.
-- review from by Paul Gaita

tRaCk lIsTiNg
.why did i listen to you - .n28 - fading - .missed my slot - .too young - .shot one - .bang bang - .knife - .lines - .real life - .brd - .wasting my life - .media control - .friend - .tell me why - .machine

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