Saturday, May 02, 2009

MADBALL: (1995) Droppin' Many Suckers (Wreckage Recs.)

Simply, one of the best New York Hardcore releases ever. Honestly, forget about the metal-core stuff they're doing today. This is aggressive, ugly, in-your-face, brutal old school New York hardcore at it's finest. I can't believe that upon playing this cd that my teeth didn't get punched out by the ferocity of this friggin album. Some songs are old Agnostic Front tunes, Roger from A.F. plays bass on this.

tRaCk lIsTiNg
. spit on your grave / .never had it / .across your face / .step to you / .no return / .the blame / .smell the bacon / .we should care / .get out / .it's my life / .ready to fight / .friend or foe / .interview with freddy miret / .interview with vinny stigma.

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Michelle said...

Mad thanks for this! Wreck-Age was one of my fav labels.