Wednesday, May 27, 2009

IN MY EYES: [1998] The Difference Between [REVELATION]

Boston hardcore quintet In My Eyes was formed in early 1997 by vocalist Sweet Pete, guitarists Jeff Neumann and Anthony Pappalardo, bassist Damian Genuardi and drummer Luke Garro. Signing to Revelation, the band issued their debut effort The Difference Between in 1998; Nothing to Hide followed two years later. In My Eyes is one of the few bands in the hardcore world that is creating new sounds and reviving a genre that has seen little change over the past decade. A professed Straight Edge band, In My Eyes takes positive messages, interweaves it into their heavy handed guitar tracks. "Why is it you can ruin everything we've made with one touch? And all the effort you waste lashing out...could get something done / I'll stay focused, you stay lost, " sings Sweet Pete on "The K.O.S.T." Anthony Pappalardo and Neil St. Clair add distorted rhythm along with a range of experimental guitar work, while bassist Damian Genuardi quietly lays down a foundation of basslines for the rest of the band to build on. In My Eyes is part of a new crop of hardcore bands that are reenergizing the genre. No longer are groups coming strictly from New York circuits. Instead bands are coming from all over the country, and they're offering a unique take on the classic style of hardcore.
-- by David Thomas, Allmusic Guide

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