Saturday, May 02, 2009

HUDSON FALCONS: (2008) Desire To Burn

In the late nineties cities like Boston and San Fransisco delivered top quality streetpunk, but there was one band from Jersey who ranked amongst The Forgotten, The Ducky Boys, Dropkick Murphys and One Man Army. And that band was (and is) the Hudson Falcons.
Compared to their previous work Desire to Burn has a slightly more rock’n’roll-approach to it (read: even more Springsteen in its sound). So alittle less punkrock and alittle more rock’n’roll, but not in bad way. People who liked the bands previous work know what I mean and know this is a good thing. I also see a couple of oldies on the tracklist which is nice. I’m not pointing at Evil van Howlin’ Wolf, Night by Springsteen or Got To Be A Better Way Home by Steven van Zandt, but at Desire to Burn, We’ll Survive and Drinkin’ With The Band which are songs the true Hudson Falcons fan already know, but these are new versions.

tRaCk lIsTiNg
[ .desire to burn ][ .i just want to dance ][ .lonely girl ][ .get something done ][ .night ][ .one thing ][ .evil ][ .fight to live ][ .drinkin' with the band ][ .we'll survive ][ .lost soul in the rain ][ .got to be better way home ][ .back out on the road ].

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