Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DIE FORM: [1996] L'ame Electrique [Hyperium]
Die Form is chiefly the project of French artist Philippe Fichot, who is usually accompanied by singer Eliane P. Primarily an industrial band, Die Form possess a strong gothic sensibility that is manifested in both the music and in the fetishistic sexual imagery of Fichot's lyrics. Die Form's albums include Rose au Coeur Violet (1994), L'Ame Electronique (1996), and Duality (1998) Extremum was issued in fall 2000. The double-disc Akt: Best of the Side Projects followed in spring 2001. Die Form's slickest production to date is captured on L'Ame Electronique. It's a 15-song storybook of dark passion around the French world and vocal wizardry. Phillipe Fichot's impurely charged lyrics are frightening; however, chanteuse Elaine P. finds a balance with her heavenly vocal presentation. The members of Die Form aim to make goth rock artistically sophisticated, and they do it the way they see fit. Album highlights include "Martyrium 2," "La Machine Moderne," and "Unreal Cinema 1."

tRaCk lIsTiNg
.martyrium (memorial to hiroshima) - .phenomena of visitation - .rosa aeterna (to robert desnos) - .la somnambule - .the hate - .le reve 2 - .martyrium 1 (the lovers) - .la machine moderne - .le reve 1 - .luminary (lama electrique) - .hallucigenia - .unreal cinema 1 - .the hate 2 - .phenomena of visitation 2 - .phenomena of visitation 3 (video version).

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