Thursday, April 02, 2009

PAGAN BABIES: 1988 - Next & 1987 - Immaculate Conception

Legendary Philadelphia punk band Pagan Babies. From their 1st practices in the Fall of 1986 to their last shows in the Winter of 89, the Pagan Babies left their mark on the hardcore/punk community.

tRaCk lIsTiNg
1.making up for lost time
2.dirty knees
3.fuck you i'm punk!
4.stories of god
5.the bitch
6.exception to the rule a lifetime your breath
10.beyond the fringe
11.boxed in
13.clearing gthe blur
14.the bitch
15.little brother
17.what really matters your breath
19.well-oiled redneck

Tracks 1 to 11 from ''Next'' LP
Tracks 12 to 19 from ''Immaculate Conception'' 7-inches (Positive Force Records-1987)

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demo tapes said...

my old band social decay played withh them a bunch, great band!

stogref said...

Thanks alot for this one Nagiants. 8)