Thursday, April 02, 2009

MIDNIGHT THUNDER EXPRESS: 2002 - Midnight Thunder Express (Empty Records)

The Midnight Thunder Express have exploded like a runaway freight train leaping off the tracks. This hard working five piece came out of the gates running, forming mere months ago from the ashes of Seattle stalwarts the Valentine Killers and other less notables. Twin guitar madness courtesy of Stu Miller's Chuck Berry rhythm style mixing perfectly with Brian's scorching leads, a one two punch indeed. This while Willie sings about dirty women, good times had, and those unshakeable blues. The solid bottom end is the glue that holds the Express together, Scott's masterful bass lines falling right in place with Jimmy Flame's heavy hitting drum style.
Their debut self titled debut full-length (with the legendary Jack Endino at the helm) is 10 songs of pure rock 'n roll power. Imagine the swagger of the New York Dolls, T Rex, and '70s Stones poured on top of heavy rock a la AC/DC or the MC5. On the touring front, true road dogs they are, so look for them in your town. Full US tours planned for September, with various other jaunts in between, including a 3 week Western Loop tour hitting everything from Texas westward.

tRaCk lIsTiNg
1. Ace Up My Sleeve
2. Drivin' Right on Thru
3. Midnight Thunder
4. Stick to Your Guns
5. Fixin' to Die
6. Blurred Vision
7. Calling You Out
8. Hangovers and Heartaches
9. No One Rides for Free
10. Lay It Down

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puzz said...

Please re-up, I'll be very grateful!

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