Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NOMEANSNO - Live + Cuddly @224kbps

To the extent that a Nomeansno show was exactly like a spiritual revelation, this cd is the resurrection and the life.While everything about Wrong is right, some of these songs, especially What Slayde Says and Victory, are about the finest versions of these songs I am familiar with. They distort and mess with your expectations. The vocals are totally clear. I gets to shakin' When I put this on tonite, I had just forgotten how good it was. It's like a perfect Nomeansno show, and I ain't apologizing for it.

..It's Catching Up (intro)..two lips two lungs and one tongue..rags and bones..body bag.. brother rat..what slayde says..some bodies..teresa, give me that knife..victory..dark ages.. the end of all things..the day everything became nothing..dead souls..metronome..no fucking

** year - 1991
** Label - Alternative Tentacles
** Home-page - www.myspace.com/myspaceiswrong
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Matthew said...

Nomeansno is one of my favorite and definitely one of the more underrated bands around.