Friday, March 20, 2009

DOCTOR & THE CRIPPENS - Raphanadosis & Peel Sessions

.garden centre murders
.zombies in disneyland
.the elvis shroud
.enter the garden
.i'm so dumb
.g plan 9 from outer space
.my brother is a headcase
.anti-christ on button moon
.kid with the removable face
.fire prevention
.song for guy
.eight years in office
.jimmy goes to egypt
.extreme noise T
.nightmare on sesame street
.pink machine gun
.the ballad of farmer vincent
.garden centre murders
.peely backwards
.ode to a slug
.pneumatic geek
.death squad
.jimmy goes to egypt
.don't look in the freezer
.experiment conclusion

** year - 1989
** Label - Manic Ears Records
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