Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BLITZKRIEG & PARADOX U.K. - Gathering Storm @224kbps

Blitzkrieg were founded in 1979 in Southport, Merseyside UK. In 1981 a deal was struck with No Future Records which resulted in a track on the Country Fit For Heroes 12". The first track was The Future Must Be Ours the 12" reached No 1 on the indie charts and over 50,000 copies were sold. 1982 brought their debut EP the much acclaimed Lest We Forget EP which charted at Number 11 in the indies on the April 24th 1982 and sold over 20,000. The next release resulted in the Animals In Lipstick 7" EP which charted at number 30 in the indies, its highest point on June 4th 1983. Blitzkrieg called it a day towards the end of that year, with members going on to re-join The Insane, Discharge, Parasites, and more. Blitzkrieg were re-formed in 1987 with a few line up changes, then '89 saw the band take another rest, with Spike forming his own band Paradox UK. 1990 saw Spike and Gaz re-ignite Blitzkrieg again, with Spike taking along Paradox UK Guitar man Ales into the fold, this line up recorded and released The Future Must be Ours album on Retch Records in 1991. A full UK tour with Discharge and Varukers was undertaken. The band eventually disbanded and Paradox UK were born from the ashes. With many releases under their belt, they toured in the UK non-stop. Both bands represent the sound and ferocity of what we now call UK82 punk rock. Paradox UK dived into streetpunk a little more, but both bands fly the hardcore punk banner. Both bands finally called it a day, recording one LAST recording for their Blitzkrieg/Paradox UK split The Gathering Storm CD released in Feb. 2005 on Street Anthem Records which also features two video tracks. Learn your roots and pick up a copy of what is a big part in the history of Punk rock.

1.like lambs they went [Blitzkrieg]
2.raging on [Blitzkrieg]
3.great advance [Blitzkrieg]
4.take what you want [Blitzkrieg]
5.mania [Blitzkrieg]
6.we should be the ones [Blitzkrieg]
7.scars on the land [Blitzkrieg]
8.death poverty and despair [Blitzkrieg]
9.reality of ultimate power [Blitzkrieg]
10.distraction raprise [Paradox U.K.]
11.Malaydsian Madness [Paradox U.K.]
12.Question Mark [Paradox U.K.]
13.Take What You Want [Paradox U.K.]
14.Deception [Paradox U.K.]
15.Restrictions [Paradox U.K.]
16.Charmed Existence [Paradox U.K.]
17.Into the Fires [Paradox U.K.]

** year - 2006
** Label - Street Anthem
** Home-page - n/a
** Buy - http://www.streetanthemrecords.com/Blitzkrieg.htm

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