Tuesday, February 24, 2009

THE VARUKERS - Massacred Millions (EP-1986-Vinyl)

This is my all time favorite Varukers album... amazing songs very strong, crude and aggressive hardcore/punk rock.. Great british drunk punk rock band...


Side A
1.Massacred Millions
2.Thatchers Fortress

Side B
1.The Bomb Blast
2.Will They Never Learn

*** This is a real LP Vinyl's ripping. ALL THE NOISES are included....

** year - 1986
** Label - New Face Records
** Home-page - n/a
** Buy - n/a

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STRONGOS said...

Hi friend, a correction is need. This EP wasn't released by Ataque Frontal, but by New Face Records. Right?
A great record, without doubt

Nagiants40 said...

Yeah you're right strongos... i have thhis one, but too lazy and drunk on my bed to check the label.. lol