Tuesday, February 24, 2009

VA - We Don't Need Nuclear Force (LP)

This compilation was amazing.. I used to listen every single fucking day.. and the conditions are not so good nowdays.... a real vinyl ripped, for your punk pleasure..


Side A
1.Bob Hope (3:02) APPLIANCES
2.Cross to Bear (3:18) UPROAR
3.God Bless America (2:00) TOXIC REASONS
4.Warheros (1:43) BRISTLES
5.Addicted to the Night (3:20) MANIACS
6.Ticket to Moskow (2:40) WHITE FLAG
7.I've Got a Picture (2:20) AÜSBRUCH

Side B
1.Bosksops (1:35) BOSKOPS
2.1984 Part II (3:50) BRISTLES
3.Duetschland Brennt (3:15) AÜSBRUCH
4.Victims (3:38) APPLIANCES
5.Cross Dogs (2:00) WHITE FLAG
6.Feministi (2:25) RATTUS
7.Seek and Destroy (1:25) THE VARUKERS
8.Doctor Moreau (1:05) H.H.H.
9.Atomkrieger (1:39) NORMAHL

This album is competed by Thomas Ziegler
*Only on the 7'' Bonus Single
Mülleimer Records 015
Coverconcept: G. Horn
Special Thanks to: Sonic Julius, Rat Peter, M. Just

*** This is a real LP Vinyl's ripping. ALL THE NOISES are included....

** year - ????
** Label - Mülleimer
** Home-page - n/a
** Buy - n/a

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1 comment:

Marcos said...

Thank you guys. I grew up with this collection in my ears. As you, I heard every day and it's a pleasure to find it here since some asshole stole it from me.