Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UNIFORM CHOICE - Region Of Ice (1988-7''-Vinyl)

For the unenlightened few, Uniform Choice were the West Coast's answer to D.C.'s Minor Threat, playing thrash to the "Just Say No" straight-edge punk youth of the mid-eighties. In their nearly decade-long existence, the band only managed a couple of full-lengths, both of which have been conveniently collected onto compact disc for the digital-minded youth to consume. "Region of Ice" is one instance where the band's new brand of edgy guitar rock and powerfully sung vocals mesh and work to fairly great effect, but the rest falls notches shy of being either inspired or inspirational. Fans certainly felt likewise, as backlash from the punk community led to the band's early 90's disbandment.

Side A
1.Region Of Ice
2.I Am...You Are

Side B
1.Indian Eyes

*** This is a real LP Vinyl's ripping. ALL THE NOISES are included....

** year - 1988
** Label - Dutch East India Trading
** Home-page - n/a
** Buy - n/a

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Toxik Boys said...

Classic hardcore, great...

baselius the tsar said...

thank you