Sunday, February 08, 2009

THE NERDS - A Black Star Burning Trails To Nowhere

The Nerds deliver another batch of awesomely evil hymns on their second full length. This release is faster, heavier, and certainly won't disappoint. Stylistically, the Nerds come off like Turbonegro would if their primary inspiration was Antiseen instead of W.A.S.P. That said, as much as the Nerds wear their influences on their sleeves, they always wind up sonding like themselves. This music has a decidedly hardcore-tinged scum punk slant to it, but it leans just as heavily on hard rock. The clear and powerful production on "A Black Star Burning Tails To Nowhere" especially accentuates and compliments the metallic elements of this material. The Nerds further help their cause with really good songwriting. Fans of Zeke, Antiseen, Bulemics, Motorhead, Turbonegro, Hookers will love it to death!

1.Cry Havoc
2.Reflections of a Broken Mirror
3.The Traitor
4.Satan's Rise
5.Eye for an Eye
6.The Black Sheep
7.Fresh Meat for Hungry People
8.Harder Than Life
9.Requiem For the Forlorn Hope
10.Burning Ambition

** year - 2004
** Label - Scarey Records
** Home-page - n/a
** Buy - Interpunk

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diaryofamadman said...

son la neta banda altamente recomendable
good band tks