Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vice Squad - Last Rockers - The Vice Squad Story (DIVx)

Back in the dim and distant 1980s, when yours truly did his humble best on drums, Beki tackled the vocals with aplomb, Dave did some quiet remarkable, and often unintended things with his guitar, and Mark characteristically shored things up in an unassuming, but always reliable, manner on bass, there weren't really too many cameras on hand to capture the Vice Squad live experience.
Given some of our dodgy performances that could be counted as a blessing, but now, when asked to put together the first Vice Squad DVD, it's proved a little frustrating for us. I know for a fact that we were filmed in Europe, America and Canada, but despite our best efforts, none of that material seems to be forthcoming. Shawn Stern of Youth Brigade/Better Youth Organisation Records tells me that many hours of film from the legendary 1982 US BYO tour that we were lucky enough to participate in, briefly, do indeed exist, but the owner isn't parting with it. Most irritanting, but one day, perhaps. However we're managed to pull together live footage from early shows at Cardiff Top Rank, London 100 Club, Preston Warehouse and Bristol Granary, plus interviews from that era. To up the ante a little for the faithful who have seen some of this material on previous video releases, we've filmed a new interview, conducted by Ian Glasper, author of UK82 tome Burning Britain, with the original male members of Vice Squad, Riot City boss Simon Edwards, and Tim Clench, bass player with the TV Brakes, the band that was effectively the forerunner of VS.
-- Shane Baldwin

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