Sunday, January 18, 2009

Various: Bullshit Detector Vol.2 @192kbps

Bullshit Detector was the name of a series of compilation LPs put together by the Anarcho-punk band Crass and released on their Crass Records label. Three editions were released between 1980 and 1984, consisting of demo tapes, rough recordings and artwork that had been sent to the band. The sound quality of the Bullshit Detector series was mixed, and was often very basic or poor as Crass would master the tapes directly to record without any additional production or enhancement. For Crass, the expectation of a polished performance was missing the point of the DIY punk ethic:

.voice of uk (waiting for bardot)
.nature wonder (omega tribe)
.random relations (suspects)
.think about it (your funeral)
.freedom (deformed)
.receiver deceiver (kronstadt uprising)
.let's get it right (no label)
.same olf songs (the rejected)
.garageland (boffo)
.fuck the system (Xs)
.manipulated youth (polemic attack)
.agardener's song (agardener)
.tradition of slaughter (toxic)
.break up (1984)
.insert (anon)
.police brutality (toxic ephek)
.low (sic)
.ain't got a clue (molitov cocktail)
.mid 1930's Pre-War Germany (naked)
.we've realized the truth (capitol punishment)
.all the wars (anthrax)
.slaughter of the innocents (endangered species)
.war games (pseudo sadists)
.psycho analysis (total chaos)
.war without winners (dougie)
.the survivor (st. vitus dancers)
.christus erection (stegz)
.brutalised (metro youth)
.black market shadow (normality complex)
.the power and the glory (youth in asia)
.security system (riot squad)
.agent orange (destructors)
.uk in dreamland (the pits)
.riot style (the bored)
.three years later (chumbawamba)
.start again (passion killers)
.get off your ass (amerikan arsenal)

** year - 1.982
** Label - Crass Records
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Robert.Johnsson said...

Hey NAGIANTS & thx for this RIP!

I did rip my own Vinyl for PunchDrunk...ehm...Back in "The Days" Ha Ha , but you've split the trax...Wich i couldnt due to either my Lobotomy or it might have been Laziness..