Sunday, January 18, 2009

Various: 100.000 Thirteen Costumers Can´t Be Wrong @256kbps

A very good compilation from a lot of brazilian punk bands...

.tivoli park (carbona)
.caminhando e matando (zumbis do espaço)
.stuffed (holy tree)
.16 & pine (crazy legs)
.surfer girl (teen lovers)
.ultramusik (muzzarelas)
.we build our own way (street bulldogs)
.twenty one (staples)
.accident (hillvalleys)
.the only way (blind)
.time to resist (another side)
.another life (mary help)
.another state of mind (present day)
.wencha (carbona)
.someday someway (crazy legs)
.tão dificil de esquecer (teen lovers)
.e.t. (hillvalleys)
.i came here for the beer (muzzarelas)
.do it again (staples)
.lolly pop,lemon drops (carbona)
.tenho mais o que fazer (ack)
.o mal nunca morre (zumbis do espaço)

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** Label - 13 Records
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