Sunday, January 11, 2009

V.A. - We Won't Take No More

Amazing benefit compilation with great anarcho punk and hardcore bands...

.cruise (Conflict)
.It'll be alright on the night (Anthrax)
.It's our world too (Karma Sutra)
.Poem (Moet the Poet)
.death is imminent (Broken Bones)
.rats (Subhumans)
.anti warfare (UK Subs)
.good morning (Toxic Waste)
.sea of desecration (Legion Of Parasites)
.stop the killing (The Varukers)
.society's fairytale (Stalag 17)
.money talks (Rubella Ballet)
.anger and fear (The Partisans)
.soldier (The Cause)
.worlds going insane (The Insane)
.how the other half die (Karma Sutra)
.operation successful- patient dead (Existance)
.offending article (Poison Girl)
.stupid (Icons of Filth)
.animal crimes (Mad Are Sane)
.for the ferrymen (Hagar The Womb)
.wait (The Lost Cherrees)
.other war (Potential Threat)
.dig your own grave (Sacrilege)
.animal charade (A.O.A.)
.aids charade (Fallout)
.no filthy nuclear power (Oi Polloi)
.general Strike (D.O.A.)

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griff said...

your site is awesome! please post my bands first album from 2008! the cover is inside the .rar file

Michelle said...

Thanks for this! Great blog!