Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spermbirds - The Boys are Back in K-Town, Live at Kaiserslautern

This is a story about friendship, about the longtime friendship of five young dudes from a German small town that meat each other two decades ago, driven by the thrill and the vision of a new social and musical era that american hardcore promised. A friendship that still lasts until this very day. And, last but not least. It's the story about friendship between a band and it's audience, united by a bond of mutual respect and sympathy. It's about me and my Spermbirds people. It's about us and our Spermbirds people.
**Recorded December 2005 at the Spermbirds' hometown Kaiserslautern in front of 1.200 enthusiastic fans.

Tracks punks in k-town're not a punk
..melt the ice
..set an example
..say it loud
..eating glass
..bed tool
..back in time
..commond thread
..nothing is easy
..waiting for the bomb to drop
..texas cowboy
..neighborhood relations
..two feet
..real life
..hate me
..something to prove
..americans are cool
..only a phase
..souled out god rides a skateboard
..try again
..she's got v.q.
..get on the stage
..blood stains

** year - 2.008
** Label - Boss Tuneage, Rookie Records , Cargo Records
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**Screen Size - 720x480
**File Size - 775MB (5x150; 1x36,9MB)
**Audio bitrate - 192kbps
**Genre - Hardcore
**Frame Rate - 29k/s
**Covers - Yes (Front & Back)

**NAGI40 NOTE: This is one of the top 10 best ever hardcore shows that I saw in my life.. simply OUTSTANDING!!!

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hmm... said...

Thank You!! The Spermbirds take me back to my childhood.

M said...

ooo thanks for Spermbirds!

thomas said...

the links all say 'file could not be found'! could someone please re-upload them or post new links I fucking love spermbirds!! thanks