Sunday, January 11, 2009

Retarded - Gambling on Rock (EP)

All of our 7"s come stuffed with a professionally printed cdr w/ booklet + poster! All copies are on pink, purple, red or grey vinyl. With this release Retarded have taken hard-edged 70’s rock-n-roll, stripped away the excess glam and added some piss, venom and punkrock to the mix. Retarded have really stepped it up a notch from the ramonescore cretin-hopping punktrock stylings of their past, but they’ve managed to do so without losing any of the infectiousness their music has always been in ample supply of. A few years ago Retarded had a 7” release titled "I Don’t Wanna be Trained". It was released with three different picture sleeves (each featuring a different band member of the trio) and pressed on a few different colors of vinyl. This release is somewhat of a sequel to that release, but now there are four band members which means four different sleeves! The silly KISS pictures are a nod to the nonsense that record labels and bands of the 70’s arena rock variety (KISS Included) brought to the record buying public: multiple picture sleeves, various vinyl colors, but only one recording! Collectors will love it.

. gambling rock
. reaction
. bye bye baby

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** Label - It's Alive Recs.
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