Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gigantor - The 100Club @256kbps

Gigantor is born. Jens Gallmeyer (ex-PHOSPHOR, DER MODERNE MAN, ROTZKOTZ, SMARTIES and even CHANNEL THREE) and Nico Poschke (THREE CHORD WONDER) form the band to cover ("just for fun") a couple of good songs. Their favourite singer Gagu (still RUBBERMAIDS at that time) surprisingly agrees to join in immediately. Bernd Granz of LOST & FOUND RECORDS likes the idea so much that he offers to put out a 7" single right away. Drummer Heiko Bendlin (THREE CHORD WONDER) and californian bass-player Jay Lansford (ex-SIMPLETONES, CHANNEL THREE, RIK L RIK, THE UNFORGIVEN, SMARTIES) join up and away they go!

.sauderkraut is powerkraut
.ramone control
.come back 4u
.the coldest dish in town
.the king is dead
.golden girls
.i dream of g-g-g-gina
.cold baked heart
.you got 2 lose
.shes my girl
.california lifestyle screaming
.hooligans in the sun
.when the sun goes down
.madonnas dickdarm

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