Monday, January 12, 2009

Adam West - Longshot songs for Broke Players 2001-2004

"You wanted the best and you got it, the hottest band in the land . . . Adam West!"
If you recognize where that line is from, then you know what time it is. ADAM WEST is a rock-n-roll band, period. Take Iggy & the Stooges, Black Sabbath, The Misfits, The MC5, KISS, AC/DC, and mix in the best 60s garage punk and you've got ADAM WEST . Can ya dig it? In their hometown of Washington, DC, ADAM WEST has won six Wammie Awards for Best Hard Rock Group and Best Hard Rock Vocalist from the Washington Area Music Association!
First things first . . . ADAM WEST is one of the most prolific rock-n-roll bands on the planet. And to prove it, their third compilation volume of non-album tracks from the archives is set to be released in Autumn 2006 on People Like You Records: "Longshot Songs for Broke Players 2001-2004". This 24-track CD and LP will include songs culled from singles (A & B 's), rarities, compilations, unreleased tunes, etc. . . . almost all on CD for the first time! ADAM WEST will follow up the release of this album with their seventh tour of Europe tentatively scheduled for October/November 2006.

.thoras hammer
.christmas with the devil
.have love will travel live
.1970 live
.we've got cake
.paint it brown
.i left as a lamb but I'll return as a lion
.we're inside
.go on girl
.sixth son of a seventh son
.you can't stop rock-n-roll
.in the back of my hearse 7 version
.find it!
.i stole your love
.live for the day
.erotic neurotic
.where eagles dare
.flower fist and bestial wail 7 version
.beltway to my heart beltway to the starr
.down in flames
.special secret song inside

** year - 2.006
** Label - People Like You Records
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