Thursday, January 29, 2009

Knife Fight - Out of Print 2002 - 2004

After 2 years of being out of print, this CD collects all of Knife Fight's recorded history and then some. Included are both of the 7"s released on My War Records, the demo tape, comp tracks, a live set, and several unreleased songs/covers from each session (some that never even made it to soulseek). Featuring members of Lifes Halt, Annihilation Time, Carry On, Shark Attack, GSMF, and about a million others. Look out for a new 12" to be released on Lengua Armada Discos later this year.

what have you done | forced fed | knife fight | fashion parade | open your eyes (a.h.c.) | a.a | hypocrite | who are you | progress | get me out | fed up | united we stand | follow the leader | shut it | so funny (clit boys) | together (negative fx) | burning bridges pt.1 | nothing left | destruction | burning bridges pt.2 | brotherhood (d.y.s.) | in my headache (poison idea) | progress | watch out | forced fed | fashion parade | black sheep (nihilistics) | knife fight | fed up | what have you done (live) | forced fed (live) | knife fight (live) | fashion parade (live) | in my headache (live) | burning bridges pt.1 (live) | a.a. (live) | hypocrite (live) | shut it (live) | open your eyes (live) | destruction (live) | united we stand (live) | who are you (live) | progress (live) | together (live) | get me out (live) | forced fed (live) | burning bridges pt.2.

** year - 2006
** Label - Knife Fight
** Home-page -
** Buy - Interpunk

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Ringworm - Last Call In The Free World

2nd Full length from Jax, Florida?s hardcore heavyweights. Intense street anthems for the next century. Twelve studio tracks including a Black Flag cover, plus two live tracks opening up for Joan Jett.

intro | beggars end | speedball | 13 | blackjack | asshole | no name | killing fields | pointer | m.i.a. (Missing in America) | sommos | last call in the free world | nervous breakdown (black flag) | beat my head (live) | dui (live).

** year - 1999
** Label - Rat Town Records
** Home-page - n/a
** Buy - Interpunk

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Rudes - Rudes

Rudes is a brazilian punk rock band.

gritos por piedade | mixaria do progresso | do fundo do rancor | revoluçao | retrato de um soldado | dona liberdade | hoje nao | encarando de frente | a grande verdade | espumas flutuantes.

** year - 2008
** Label - Enemy #1 Records (
** Home-page -
** Buy -

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The Murderers And The Jerkoffs - The Murderers And The Jerkoffs Split CD

rock 'n' roll hate | princess | go away | anarchy thru alcoholism | johnny | pull the plug | one more time | grab another | downsized | blackout | phuck phish | p.c. punks | granger youth | i don't want it | we won't be stopped | theme | my life | what de fuck | skulls | no cigarettes.

** year - n/a
** Label - Beer City Records
** Home-page - n/a
** Buy -

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Skitkids - Bestoket Vid Krubban

This is the latest of recordings of Skitkids, a brilliant record that makes you wanna monkey dance till death. Raw and brutal hardcore rawpunk with loads of great rock n roll guitar leads a hell of a drumming a thundering bass and a insanely and angry vocalist on top of all. Lyric wise you get a totally pissed writing in a sociopolitical way, against multicoporations, fucked rock stars behaviours within the punk scene and a big pis on the Swedish state of ruling the ones under their whip. Most intense and powerful recording up to date.

weekday suger rov | visste jag lycklig | hall kaft a stick! | uppvax till svin | svinahunden | allt mitt e ditt | javla pajas.

** year - 2008
** Label - Not Enough Records
** Home-page -
** Buy - Interpunk

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Kill Your Idols - Same

Thirteen song collection of previously released and out of print material from this Long Island, New York hardcore band. The songs have been totally re-recorded and the material has been culled from their split with the Nerve Agents, Full Speed Ahead, Voorhees, and various compilations.

nameless | hardcore circa 2002 | do you know | green | empty room | fur is for fucks | freedom (is not free) | all those wasted calling cards | the shortest dream i ever had | grey skies ahead | step on it | here to stay | back with a vengeance.

** year - 2002
** Label - Core Tex Records (
** Home-page -
** Buy -

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Dead Stop - Live For Nothing

Limited US press of the newest LP from Belgium's Dead Stop. European pressing and CD available from Complete Control Records. Dead Stop follow up their first LP and 7" with 11 new tracks. Punishing hardcore in the early 80's US tradition like Negative Approach, Antidote and early Agnostic Front.

walk the line | bend and break | what i fear most | in hell | locked inside | you have it all | seperate ways | better than me | live for nothing | state of waste.

** year - 2005
** Label - Complete Control Records (
** Home-page -
** Buy - Interpunk

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A.N.S. - Let Them Eat Wood - Discography 2005-2007

CD discography of all the 7" and splits since 2005, most of which have been out of print forever. Also includes the magnum opus LP "Process of Stoking Out" as well as two bonus songs from the Seasick and Reproach split 7". For fans of gettin' down -X'd out or shaka'd

beyond the pizzabox | banned in B.C. | skate straight | 85a and lovin' it | somewhere inside | goon destroyer | skate it dry | all torn up | no connection | walk down my way | seeing 20-20 | disable me | pull the trigger | transition emission | below the break | heinous | skate zombies must shred | a suit, a tie and a gun | try try again | beach blanket bongout | skeleton man | bombing for beelzebu | walk your board | weak three | mr. infection | wrong turn | turn it off | man on the phone | thrash to be free | what would bomer do | locals only.

** year - 2008
** Label - Gnarly Slaughter Records
** Home-page -
** Buy - Interpunk

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vice Squad - Last Rockers - The Vice Squad Story (DIVx)

Back in the dim and distant 1980s, when yours truly did his humble best on drums, Beki tackled the vocals with aplomb, Dave did some quiet remarkable, and often unintended things with his guitar, and Mark characteristically shored things up in an unassuming, but always reliable, manner on bass, there weren't really too many cameras on hand to capture the Vice Squad live experience.
Given some of our dodgy performances that could be counted as a blessing, but now, when asked to put together the first Vice Squad DVD, it's proved a little frustrating for us. I know for a fact that we were filmed in Europe, America and Canada, but despite our best efforts, none of that material seems to be forthcoming. Shawn Stern of Youth Brigade/Better Youth Organisation Records tells me that many hours of film from the legendary 1982 US BYO tour that we were lucky enough to participate in, briefly, do indeed exist, but the owner isn't parting with it. Most irritanting, but one day, perhaps. However we're managed to pull together live footage from early shows at Cardiff Top Rank, London 100 Club, Preston Warehouse and Bristol Granary, plus interviews from that era. To up the ante a little for the faithful who have seen some of this material on previous video releases, we've filmed a new interview, conducted by Ian Glasper, author of UK82 tome Burning Britain, with the original male members of Vice Squad, Riot City boss Simon Edwards, and Tim Clench, bass player with the TV Brakes, the band that was effectively the forerunner of VS.
-- Shane Baldwin

** year - 2.005
** Label - Cherry Red Records
** Home-page -
** Buy - Cherry Red Records
**Ripped with imTOO DVD Ripper Platinum
**Format: DivX (.avi)
**Screen Size: 720x576
**File Size: 902MB (5 x 162MB;1 x 51,1MB)
**Audio Bitrate: 128kbps
**Frame Rate: 25k/s

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Spermbirds - The Boys are Back in K-Town, Live at Kaiserslautern

This is a story about friendship, about the longtime friendship of five young dudes from a German small town that meat each other two decades ago, driven by the thrill and the vision of a new social and musical era that american hardcore promised. A friendship that still lasts until this very day. And, last but not least. It's the story about friendship between a band and it's audience, united by a bond of mutual respect and sympathy. It's about me and my Spermbirds people. It's about us and our Spermbirds people.
**Recorded December 2005 at the Spermbirds' hometown Kaiserslautern in front of 1.200 enthusiastic fans.

Tracks punks in k-town're not a punk
..melt the ice
..set an example
..say it loud
..eating glass
..bed tool
..back in time
..commond thread
..nothing is easy
..waiting for the bomb to drop
..texas cowboy
..neighborhood relations
..two feet
..real life
..hate me
..something to prove
..americans are cool
..only a phase
..souled out god rides a skateboard
..try again
..she's got v.q.
..get on the stage
..blood stains

** year - 2.008
** Label - Boss Tuneage, Rookie Records , Cargo Records
** Home-page -
** Buy -
**Ripped with imTOO DVD Ripper Platinum
**Screen Size - 720x480
**File Size - 775MB (5x150; 1x36,9MB)
**Audio bitrate - 192kbps
**Genre - Hardcore
**Frame Rate - 29k/s
**Covers - Yes (Front & Back)

**NAGI40 NOTE: This is one of the top 10 best ever hardcore shows that I saw in my life.. simply OUTSTANDING!!!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

UK/DK - A Film About Punks and Skinheads (DVDRIP)

For the first time ever on DVD, the renowed film capturing the essence of the British Punk movement in the early days, 'UK/DK'.
'UK/DK' not only includes some excellent live footage and promos from the leading lights of the Britpunk scene, it also documents the era. Full of interviews with band members, street punks and Punk journalists, the film shows how being a Punk became not simply a trend but a way of life. The film features some of the Punk scene's most famed bands, such as The Exploited, The Vice Squad and The Adicts, and is a highly entertaining look at Punk in it's infancy.

.Fuck the Us
.Stand Strong Stand Proud
.Joker in the Pack
(the ADICTS)
.New Age
.Bllind Justice
.Viva La Revolution
(the ADICTS)
.Soldier Boy
.No Security

year - 2.003
Label - Cherry Red Records
Home-page - Cherry Red Records
Buy - Cherry Red Records

Ripped with imTOO DVD Ripper Platinum
File Size: 519MB
Screen Size: 720x480
Audio bitrate: 128kbps
Covers: 300dpis Included
Format: .avi (divX)

**I'm not included in this post the bonus footage 'Holidays in the Sun' that came with UK/DK, because I plan make the other post with the complete Holidays in the Sun movie. Stay tuned on Hangover....

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Various: Sub @256kbps

This is a classic brazilian punk compilation with some of the best and very knowed worldwide like Cólera and Ratos de Porão. This is from the '80s, veryy crude, raw and dirty punk rock sound....

.parasita (ratos de porão)
.vida ruim (ratos de porão)
.poluição atômica (ratos de porão)
.x.o.t. (cólera)
.bloqueio mental (cólera)
.quanto vale a liberdade (cólera)
.terceira guerra mundial (psykóze)
.buracos suburbanos (psykóze)
.fim do mundo (psykóze)
.desemprego (fogo cruzado)
.união entre punks (fogo cruzado)
.delinquentes (fogo cruzado)
.não podemos falar (ratos de porão)
.realidades da guerra (ratos de porão)
.porquê (ratos de porão)
.histeria (cólera)
.zero zero (cólera)
.sub-ratos (cólera)
.vítimas da guerra (psykóze)
.alienação do homem (psykóze)
.desilusão (psykóze)
.inimizade (fogo cruzado)
.punk inglês (fogo cruzado)
.terceira guerra (fogo cruzado)

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Various: Bullshit Detector Vol.2 @192kbps

Bullshit Detector was the name of a series of compilation LPs put together by the Anarcho-punk band Crass and released on their Crass Records label. Three editions were released between 1980 and 1984, consisting of demo tapes, rough recordings and artwork that had been sent to the band. The sound quality of the Bullshit Detector series was mixed, and was often very basic or poor as Crass would master the tapes directly to record without any additional production or enhancement. For Crass, the expectation of a polished performance was missing the point of the DIY punk ethic:

.voice of uk (waiting for bardot)
.nature wonder (omega tribe)
.random relations (suspects)
.think about it (your funeral)
.freedom (deformed)
.receiver deceiver (kronstadt uprising)
.let's get it right (no label)
.same olf songs (the rejected)
.garageland (boffo)
.fuck the system (Xs)
.manipulated youth (polemic attack)
.agardener's song (agardener)
.tradition of slaughter (toxic)
.break up (1984)
.insert (anon)
.police brutality (toxic ephek)
.low (sic)
.ain't got a clue (molitov cocktail)
.mid 1930's Pre-War Germany (naked)
.we've realized the truth (capitol punishment)
.all the wars (anthrax)
.slaughter of the innocents (endangered species)
.war games (pseudo sadists)
.psycho analysis (total chaos)
.war without winners (dougie)
.the survivor (st. vitus dancers)
.christus erection (stegz)
.brutalised (metro youth)
.black market shadow (normality complex)
.the power and the glory (youth in asia)
.security system (riot squad)
.agent orange (destructors)
.uk in dreamland (the pits)
.riot style (the bored)
.three years later (chumbawamba)
.start again (passion killers)
.get off your ass (amerikan arsenal)

** year - 1.982
** Label - Crass Records
** Home-page -
** Buy -

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Various: 100.000 Thirteen Costumers Can´t Be Wrong @256kbps

A very good compilation from a lot of brazilian punk bands...

.tivoli park (carbona)
.caminhando e matando (zumbis do espaço)
.stuffed (holy tree)
.16 & pine (crazy legs)
.surfer girl (teen lovers)
.ultramusik (muzzarelas)
.we build our own way (street bulldogs)
.twenty one (staples)
.accident (hillvalleys)
.the only way (blind)
.time to resist (another side)
.another life (mary help)
.another state of mind (present day)
.wencha (carbona)
.someday someway (crazy legs)
.tão dificil de esquecer (teen lovers)
.e.t. (hillvalleys)
.i came here for the beer (muzzarelas)
.do it again (staples)
.lolly pop,lemon drops (carbona)
.tenho mais o que fazer (ack)
.o mal nunca morre (zumbis do espaço)

** year -
** Label - 13 Records
** Home-page -
** Buy -

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Gigantor - The 100Club @256kbps

Gigantor is born. Jens Gallmeyer (ex-PHOSPHOR, DER MODERNE MAN, ROTZKOTZ, SMARTIES and even CHANNEL THREE) and Nico Poschke (THREE CHORD WONDER) form the band to cover ("just for fun") a couple of good songs. Their favourite singer Gagu (still RUBBERMAIDS at that time) surprisingly agrees to join in immediately. Bernd Granz of LOST & FOUND RECORDS likes the idea so much that he offers to put out a 7" single right away. Drummer Heiko Bendlin (THREE CHORD WONDER) and californian bass-player Jay Lansford (ex-SIMPLETONES, CHANNEL THREE, RIK L RIK, THE UNFORGIVEN, SMARTIES) join up and away they go!

.sauderkraut is powerkraut
.ramone control
.come back 4u
.the coldest dish in town
.the king is dead
.golden girls
.i dream of g-g-g-gina
.cold baked heart
.you got 2 lose
.shes my girl
.california lifestyle screaming
.hooligans in the sun
.when the sun goes down
.madonnas dickdarm

** year -
** Label -
** Home-page -
** Buy - Amazon

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Kães Vadius - Psychodemia & Delíriun Tremens @256kbps

Precursores do PSYCHOBILLY no Brasil, os KÃES VADIUS, desde 1985, misturam o velho rockabilly com vertentes do punk, ska e blues, ao carisma das bandas de garagem e o clima alucinógeno do PSICODELISMO.
Suas letras, recheadas de HUMOR NEGRO, SEXO SELVAGEM, PESADELOS e DISTÚRBIOS MENTAIS, trazem à tona a PSICOSE e a LOUCURA de cada um de nós ao seu extremo, servindo como trilha sonora de um filme de terror classe B.
Com uma linguagem dinâmica, como a das Histórias em Quadrinhos, transformam o caos e a decadência Humana em energia cômica, como uma Psicodemia. Sem vínculos políticos nem partidários, o único objetivo é a diversão.Bufões Apocalípticos da era moderna.
Um bando de ELVIS saídos da tumba em estado de putrefação, com cheiro de hambúrguer embolorado, tocando um rock demente no porão de uma casa velha e assombrada.

.virgem louca
.padre mané
.lili poodle
.não tem culpa eu
.a namoradinha que eu amei até o sangue jorrar
.notícias populares
.o sombra
.festa do horror
.baratas grandes
.morcegos loucos
.psycho ataque na madrugada
.adamastor o suicida

** year - 1.999
** Label -
** Home-page -
** Buy -

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Kães Vadius - Saindo do Kovil @256kbps

.huga booga
.boeing 723897
.jack, o estripador
.volta pra 54
.triste fim
.medo do escuro
.louco (psycho)
.ultima dança
.saindo do kovil

** year - 2.002
** Label -
** Home-page -
** Buy -

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Poison Idea - The Early Years @256kbps

Poison Idea was formed in 1980 by vocalist Jerry A. (aka Jerry Lang). The initial lineup consisted of Jerry A., Chris Tense (guitar), Glen Estes (bass) and Dean Johnson (drums). Inspired by Black Flag and other early Southern California hardcore acts, they were further influenced by Discharge and Los Angeles's the Germs. Germs singer Darby Crash's influence on singer Jerry A.—vocally, lyrically, and philosophically—was considerable, and Poison Idea followed the Germs’ extremist punk ethic. Tense, who previously had played with Jerry in a group called the Stand, was replaced within a year by Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts (guitar), formerly of the Imperialist Pigs.
Poison Idea’s debut, 1983's Pick Your King EP was a short, lo-fi blast of hardcore fury. The jacket featured a "choice" of two kings, Jesus (front cover) and Elvis Presley (back cover).
In 1984, Chris Tense returned to the band, this time on bass, replacing Glen Estes (later of Portland, Oregon punk/metal band Final Warning), and the group released another classic album, the Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes 12” (the cover features Pig Champion’s substantial vinyl collection). The record found the band incorporating subtle rock elements into their music, which was further honed on their contributions to two 1985 compilations, “Laughing Boy” on the Drinking is Great EP (on which appeared other Oregon punk bands Final Warning, Lockjaw and E-13), and “Typical” and “Die on Your Knees” on the legendary Cleanse the Bacteria LP (compiled by Pushead for his own Pusmort label).
With the release of 1986’s Kings of Punk LP, Poison Idea had fully moved beyond the breakneck hardcore of their early records to a potent, driving and ultimately more intricate and sophisticated hardcore/hard rock fusion that incorporated the accessibility of hard rock without sacrificing the power of hardcore.

.town hall
.swallow it
.death pact
.give it up
.this thing called progress in my headache
.soldiers junk
.think twice
.this thing called progress
.all right
.pure hate
.young lords
.ugly american
.this thing called progress all right
.rich get richer
.pure hate
.thorn in my side

** year - 1.994
** Label - Bitzcore
** Home-page -
** Buy -

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Daily Terror - Lebenswut @256kbps

Founded in 1980 by Pedder Teumer, the Oi! Punk band Daily Terror didn't take long to become a hit; only a little after its inception, Daily Terror was offered several slots on the legendary No Fun sampler. However, it took them until 1982 to release their first album, Schmutzige Zeiten ("Dirty Times"). They started out on the famous AGR (Aggressive Rock Productions) label, with which many great German punks worked at that time - legends such as Slime, Neurotic Arseholes, and Toxoplasma. On AGR, Daily Terror released the aforementioned Schmutzige Zeiten, Aufrecht ("Upstanding, Rightous"), Durchbruch ("Breakthrough"), and the mini-LP Gefühl und Härte ("Feeling and Hardness"). Through hits such as "Todesschwadronen" ("Death Squads") and "Hinterlist" ("Cunning"), not to mention their incredible performance at the 1983 Chaostage* in Hannover, Daily Terror quickly became one of Germany's most respected and popular bands.
After the shift from AGR to A.M. Music, the albums Die Abrechnung ("The Reckoning, The Account") and Apocalypse appeared. They didn't seem to be of the same quality that Daily Terror's earlier releases had been, but were nonetheless respectably populated with facet-rich German Oi! Punk. After a new shift to the Impact Records label (Duisburg) in 1994, Daily Terror released the spectacular Gnadenlos Live ("Merciless Live"), re-establishing themselves as one of Germany's finest acts. Later that year, a split 7" record with Dödelhaie, another German band, was to follow. Also on Impact Records, Daily Terror's sixth studio album "Krawall 2000" (Vandalism and Unruliness 2000) showed up in 1997. Songs such as "Falscher Fuffziger" (lit: Counterfeit Fifty [mark bill] / fig: Real Crook) and "Verstörte Kids" ("Destroyed Youth") proved that they hadn't lost anything.
Daily Terror took a pause in 1998 when Pedder became a father, and released Andere Zeiten ("Other Times") in 1999 to make up for the long pause. This compilation featured unreleased and rare tracks from their early years, and made way for a whole new wave of fans that has taken them into the new millenium. After 20-some-odd years, Daily Terror remain among the most famous and well-loved German punk bands of all.
-- by Frederico

.20 jahre-danke
.1000 kreuze
.gnadenlose gte
.braunschweig ruft uns
.wie auch immer
.was frein gefhl

** year - 2.005
** Label - ???
** Home-page - n/a
** Buy - Interpunk

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Buzzcocks - Encore Du Pain @256kbps

Buzzcocks are an English punk rock band formed in Manchester in 1975, led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Pete Shelley for nearly their entire existence. They are commonly regarded as an important influence on the Manchester music scene, the independent record label movement and the punk rock, power pop, pop punk and indie rock genres in general. They are primarily remembered for their singles, a string of would-be hits that combined a strong grasp of pop song craftsmanship with rapid-fire punk energy. These singles were collected on Singles Going Steady, described by critic Ned Raggett as a "punk masterpiece" The widely covered "Ever Fallen in Love?" remains one of their best-known songs.

.i don't know what to do with my life
.love you more
.orgasm addict
.when love turns around
.even fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with
.what do i get
.oh shit!
.fast cars

** year - 2.007
** Label - Anagram
** Home-page -
** Buy - Interpunk

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the Phenomenauts - Re-Entry @256kbps

The Phenomenauts are a San Francisco Bay Area band that combine elements of rock and roll, pop, punk, New Wave, Surf Rock and rockabilly along with a futuristic science fiction theme, dubbing their style "Rocket Roll".
The Phenomenauts were formed in 2000 in Oakland, California (which the band refers to as Earth's capital) from the band Space Patrol, a 1980s cover band which played on homemade instruments. Two years later they released their first CD, Rockets And Robots on their own Arlington Lab Records. That year critical success came in the form of being chosen as California's Best Live Band by the East Bay Express and by being called the Best Lifestyle Music artist by the SF Weekly.
The band signed with Springman Records in 2002, and gained notoriety in 2003 for unofficially sneaking onto Warped Tour, from which they were officially invited to play again in 2004 and 2005. The band wisely declined the 2005 offer, opting to instead tour with The Aquabats and the Epoxies. The Phenomenauts are known for their inventive and fun-filled live shows, which often include smoke machines, the Streamerator 2000, and various on stage theatrics. In 2008, vocalist/guitarist Corporal JoeBot 2.0 left the band, and was replaced by FM Static from the recently-broken-up Epoxies.

.progress vs pettiness
.hurry lets go
.i am robot
.where is the x-38
.neptune city
.space fight
.rocket roll
.composite synthesizer
.giant asteroid
.welcome back
.Space girl

** year - 2.007
** Label - Springman Records
** Home-page -
** Buy - Interpunk

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Dance Hall Crashers - Lockjaw @256kbps

Dance Hall Crashers (often abbreviated to "DHC") is a ska punk band from Berkeley, California, that formed in 1988. The band was originally made up of the members of seminal ska-punk band Operation Ivy, minus their singer and drummer. Since both Matt Freeman and Tim "Lint" Armstrong were interested in playing in a purely ska outfit, they recruited original drummer and ska enthusiast Erik Larsen aka Erik Kolacek. The band's original logo and designs were created by Jacob "Kuba" Schwarz, the older brother of later singer Karina Deniké Schwarz.
The band experimented with various songs and styles until they played the very first purely ska show ever booked at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley. Although the band played ska, the feeling and the vibe was definitely punk rock. Immediately following their debut, Matt and Tim decided to pursue other interests, mainly a new band called Downfall. DHC then spent a period of time experimenting with various lineups, finally settling with Karina Deniké Schwartz on lead vocals, Elyse Rogers on background vocals, Jason Hammond on guitar, Joel Wing on bass and Erik Larsen on drums. Following a series of gigs and the usual ups and downs of a young band, DHC finally caught a break playing at an all-ska Earth Day festival at Berkeley's Greek Theatre in 1990. Also on the bill was legendary band Bad Manners from the UK.

.don't wanna behave
.queen for a day
.good for nothin'
.buried alive
.too late
.day job
.so sue us
.we owe

** year - 1.995
** Label - MCA
** Home-page -
** Buy - Interpunk

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Dance Hall Crashers - The Live Record: Witless Banter & 25 Mildly Antagonistic Songs About Love @256kbps

Dance Hall Crashers disbanded soon after, bowing to pressure from fans to play a reunion gig in 1992; the response to their performance was so positive that they immediately reformed on a permanent basis, settling on a lineup of Rogers and Denike on vocals, Hammon on guitar, his brother Gavin on drums, guitarist Scott Goodell and bassist Mikey Weiss.
The very first group signed to MCA’s new 510 division, they issued their debut LP Lockjaw in 1995. A compilation of early singles, The Old Record, followed in 1996 before they resurfaced a year later with their second studio album, Honey I’m Homely. A steady stream of releases followed, including 1998’s Blue Plate Special EP, the 1999 studio effort Purr, and 2000’s The Live Record: Witless Banter and 25 Mildly Antagonistic Songs About Love.
As of January 2008, the band members lead separate lives and currently on hiatus. In November 2004 they played and recorded a show at the Hollywood House of Blues; the concert was released by Kung Fu Records in September 2005 as part of the popular The Show Must Go Off! DVD series.

.make her purr
.mr. blue
.buried alive
.the real you
.next to you
.beverly kills
.my problem
.triple track
.cat fight
.good for nothing
.queen for a day
.just like that
.lost again
.he wants me back
.Truth About Me **
.D.H.C. **

**I have problems ripping this two tracks sorry is not available..

** year - 2.000
** Label - Pink & Black Records
** Home-page -
** Buy - Interpunk

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Gogol 1er - Les Années Kaos @256kbps

Gogol Premier ou Gogol Ier appelé souvent le PAPUNK ou Maître se produit sur scène avec différents groupes :
* La Horde à partir de 1982, avec notamment Patrice Diaw (alias Crawa) et une certaine Catherine ;
* Les Electrodes à partir de 1984 avec Martial à la batterie (remplacé en cours de tournée par Cambouis, actuellement batteur chez LSD), Jean-Paul Corréa à la guitare et Gangster à la basse.
Le groupe qui a précédé Gogol premier et la horde s'appelait 15/95. Il existe un 45 tours d'eux sorti sur le label tumulte (très rare et cher 150/200€), autoproduction à 1000 exemplaires où Gogol premier est batteur. La pochette est dessinée en noir et blanc (1981). Le premier disque de la horde est sorti en novembre 1982 chez New Rose (Patrick Mathé et Laurent Thévenon). Le groupe se composait de Gogol premier (Jacques Dezandre), Patrice Diaw, Denis Diaw, Richard Alexandre. Management Anne-Marie Monville. Secrétaire particulier de Gogol premier : Alain Couvé de novembre 1982 à janvier 1984.
Anne-Marie Monville a été la chanteuse du groupe rouennais Oenix. Richard Alexandre en était le guitariste. Leur disque sorti chez Virgin France : Ils veulent coucher avec Sheila.
Le 19 décembre 2004, Gogol se produit sur scène, donnant un concert à la Loco à Paris.

.no religion war
.c'est fou la disco
.la chasse a l'homme
.je bois et je suis le roi
.cent millions d'amis
.les punk africains
.ont se calme
.j'encule (symphonique)
.classic x
.voila des paroles faciles a comprendre
.mai 88
.devenir immortel, et puis mourir
.ma vie est triste a mourir
.mais qui va nous faire marrer
.et si dieux n'etait pas un sujet serieux
.hymne guerrier
.bye bye world
.le testament

** year - 1.990
** Label - n/a
** Home-page -
** Buy -

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Gogol Et Sa Horde - La Suisse à Genoux @256kbps

.la suisse à genoux
.la retour de la horde
.anais anal
.les femmes de 40 ans
.devenir immortel et puis mourir
.fait pas le mal johnny
.voila des paroles faciles à comprendre
.mais qui va nous faire marrer
.tout est à réinventer
.c'est vraiment très fou la disco
.adolf mon amour
.je bois et je suis le roi
.le grand sacrifice
.la vie est une escroquerie
.la bombe
.le mot de la fin

** year - 1.987
** Label - ???
** Home-page -
** Buy - ???

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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Damned - Live at Shepperton '80

The Damned are an English rock band formed in London in 1976. They are notable for being the first punk rock band from England to release a single ("New Rose"), an album (Damned Damned Damned), and to tour the United States. The Damned later evolved into one of the forerunners of the gothic rock genre.
They have incorporated numerous styles into their music and image, including: garage rock, psychedelic rock, cabaret, and the theatrical rock of Screaming Lord Sutch and Alex Harvey. Lead singer Dave Vanian's vocal style has been described as similar to a crooner.The Damned have dissolved and reformed many times, with Vanian as the sole constant member, however, the lineups have always included either guitarist Captain Sensible and/or drummer Rat Scabies, who are both founding members. The current line-up includes Vanian, Captain Sensible, Monty Oxy Moron, Pinch and Stu West.

.love song
.second time around
.i just can't be happy today
.melody lee
.neat neat neat
.looking at you
.smash it up parts 1 & 2
.new rose
.plan 9 channel 7

** year - 1982
** Label - Big Beat
** Home-page -
** Buy -

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Adam West - Longshot songs for Broke Players 2001-2004

"You wanted the best and you got it, the hottest band in the land . . . Adam West!"
If you recognize where that line is from, then you know what time it is. ADAM WEST is a rock-n-roll band, period. Take Iggy & the Stooges, Black Sabbath, The Misfits, The MC5, KISS, AC/DC, and mix in the best 60s garage punk and you've got ADAM WEST . Can ya dig it? In their hometown of Washington, DC, ADAM WEST has won six Wammie Awards for Best Hard Rock Group and Best Hard Rock Vocalist from the Washington Area Music Association!
First things first . . . ADAM WEST is one of the most prolific rock-n-roll bands on the planet. And to prove it, their third compilation volume of non-album tracks from the archives is set to be released in Autumn 2006 on People Like You Records: "Longshot Songs for Broke Players 2001-2004". This 24-track CD and LP will include songs culled from singles (A & B 's), rarities, compilations, unreleased tunes, etc. . . . almost all on CD for the first time! ADAM WEST will follow up the release of this album with their seventh tour of Europe tentatively scheduled for October/November 2006.

.thoras hammer
.christmas with the devil
.have love will travel live
.1970 live
.we've got cake
.paint it brown
.i left as a lamb but I'll return as a lion
.we're inside
.go on girl
.sixth son of a seventh son
.you can't stop rock-n-roll
.in the back of my hearse 7 version
.find it!
.i stole your love
.live for the day
.erotic neurotic
.where eagles dare
.flower fist and bestial wail 7 version
.beltway to my heart beltway to the starr
.down in flames
.special secret song inside

** year - 2.006
** Label - People Like You Records
** Home-page -
** Buy - Interpunk

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

V.A. - We Won't Take No More

Amazing benefit compilation with great anarcho punk and hardcore bands...

.cruise (Conflict)
.It'll be alright on the night (Anthrax)
.It's our world too (Karma Sutra)
.Poem (Moet the Poet)
.death is imminent (Broken Bones)
.rats (Subhumans)
.anti warfare (UK Subs)
.good morning (Toxic Waste)
.sea of desecration (Legion Of Parasites)
.stop the killing (The Varukers)
.society's fairytale (Stalag 17)
.money talks (Rubella Ballet)
.anger and fear (The Partisans)
.soldier (The Cause)
.worlds going insane (The Insane)
.how the other half die (Karma Sutra)
.operation successful- patient dead (Existance)
.offending article (Poison Girl)
.stupid (Icons of Filth)
.animal crimes (Mad Are Sane)
.for the ferrymen (Hagar The Womb)
.wait (The Lost Cherrees)
.other war (Potential Threat)
.dig your own grave (Sacrilege)
.animal charade (A.O.A.)
.aids charade (Fallout)
.no filthy nuclear power (Oi Polloi)
.general Strike (D.O.A.)

** year -
** Label -
** Home-page - n/a
** Buy -

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Retarded - Gambling on Rock (EP)

All of our 7"s come stuffed with a professionally printed cdr w/ booklet + poster! All copies are on pink, purple, red or grey vinyl. With this release Retarded have taken hard-edged 70’s rock-n-roll, stripped away the excess glam and added some piss, venom and punkrock to the mix. Retarded have really stepped it up a notch from the ramonescore cretin-hopping punktrock stylings of their past, but they’ve managed to do so without losing any of the infectiousness their music has always been in ample supply of. A few years ago Retarded had a 7” release titled "I Don’t Wanna be Trained". It was released with three different picture sleeves (each featuring a different band member of the trio) and pressed on a few different colors of vinyl. This release is somewhat of a sequel to that release, but now there are four band members which means four different sleeves! The silly KISS pictures are a nod to the nonsense that record labels and bands of the 70’s arena rock variety (KISS Included) brought to the record buying public: multiple picture sleeves, various vinyl colors, but only one recording! Collectors will love it.

. gambling rock
. reaction
. bye bye baby

** year - 2.007
** Label - It's Alive Recs.
** Home-page -
** Buy -

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V.A. - Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show

The entire Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, as performed by our favorite punk bands including The Ataris, Tsunami Bomb, Alkaline Trio, Swingin Utters, The Groovie Ghoulies, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, and more.

.science fiction double feature (me first & the gimme gimmes)
.dammit janet (love equals death)
.over at the frankenstein place (alkaline trio)
.time wrap (the groovie ghoulies)
.sweet transvestite (apocalypse hoboken)
.sword of damocles (the independents)
.i can make you a man (pansy division)
.hot patootie - bless my soul (the phenomenauts)
.i can make you a man reprise (secretions)
.touch a touch a touch me (caroline no)
.once in a while (bid d and the kids table)
.eddies teddy alternate mix (swingin' utters)
.planet schmanet janet (tsunami bomb)
.rose tint my world floor show (luckie strike)
.fanfair don't dream it (stunt monkey)
.wild and untamed thing (gametime)
.i'm going home (the migraines)
.super heroes (ruth's hat)
.science fiction double feature reprise (the ataris)

** year - 2.003
** Label - Springman Records
** Home-page - n/a
** Buy - Interpunk

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Supersuckers - Live at Helldorado, Vitoria (DVDrip)

.here i am
.rock and roll records
.rock your ass
.the evil powers of rock'n'roll
.bad bad bad
.supersuckers drive my blues
.road worn and weary
.coattail rider
.gone gambling
.dirt roads,dead ends, and dust
.beat the shit
.i like it all, man
.creepy jackalope eye
.bloody mary morning
.pretty fucked up
.i want the drugs
.sleepy vampire
.how to maximize your kill count

** year - 2.007
** Label - Munster Records
** Home-page -
** Buy -

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Government Issue - A HarD.C.ore Day's Night (DVDrip - divX)

Government Issue (often just GI) was an American hardcore punk band originating from the Washington, D.C. scene, formed in 1980 and were on Dischord Records. Many early songs were straightforward hardcore, clocking in at under the one minute mark, but they later progressed into a more melodic song-focused outfit (citing The Damned as key to gaining this catchy sound) and often with lyrics critical of the short-sighted behavior of the scene they aided in creating.
Given the long running nature of the band, many participants in the DC hardcore scene had gone through G.I.'s membership. Government Issue featured Brian Baker of Minor Threat and Bad Religion, as well as Mike Fellows of Rites of Spring and many others.
The G.I.s became one of the longest-running bands in the DC hardcore scene. After numerous line-up changes, the band broke up in 1989. Vocalist John Stabb was the only member to stay the whole time. He later went on to form Betty Blue in the mid 90's then formed the DC quintet The Factory Incident in 2000, now also defunct. Tom Lyle, as well as bassist J. Robbins and drummer Peter Moffett, regrouped to record tro unrecorded GI songs. This was released as the Rollkicker Laydown EP.
Guitarist Tom Lyle formed an experimental outfit called Glee Club which released two albums in the eighties. Lyle also recorded two hard rock solo records in 1990 and 1992 respectively. Bassist J. Robbins went on to form Jawbox. Robbins later formed Burning Airlines with GI drummer Peter Moffett.
Stabb has remarked that "...there is much to be said about watching g.i. when you're not barely legal." On July 17, 2007 John Stabb was attacked a block from his home, by a group of five teenagers; a series of benefit concerts for Stabb were held including August 10, 2007 at the Velvet Lounge, organized by Marc Ganancias, to help deal with the medical bills. On September 23, 2007, during the second benefit show organized by Ganancias, "Government Re-Issue" took the stage again with Stabb at the fore, Tom Lyle on Guitar, Brian Baker on bass, and William Knapp on drums at the Rock n' Roll Hotel in Washington, DC. According to John Stabb, the band practiced together for the first time during the sound check on the afternoon of September 23, and managed to re-learn about fifteen songs.
Two years in the making, compiled by guitarist Tom Lyle himself, 3 full gigs from: 1982, 1985, 1989, plus a John Stabb interview, the "Strange Wine" video, liner notes from Stabb and Tom Lyle plus never before seen photo's. Over 2 hours worth of "stuff"!

** I put only ONE show available to download here.. please go to the Dr. Strange Records home-page and buy this AMAZING see the other two shows...

.teenager in a box
.blending in
.joy ride
.plain to see
.time to escapet
.notch to my crotch
.dead dog
.4-walled hermit
.these boots are made for walkin'
.hall of fame
.sheer terror
.puppet on a string
.here's the rope
.twisted views

** year - 2.008
** Label - Dr. Strange Records
** Home-page - (MySpace)
** Buy - only U$ 10.90

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Gay Cowboys In Bondage - The Completely Silly Discography (1983-1984) (VBR)

Straight edge silliness, hard core immaturity, whatever. The Gay Cowboys in Bondage were a punk band whose point of view skewed at about 15 years of age. The members were older than that to be sure, but there's no escaping the infectious adolescent enthusiasim the GCIB brought to their music.
After this cassette, the group released a vinyl e.p. (Owen Marshmallow Strikes Again) which had more good songs (sorry, we can't find our copy) but the problem facing the band became obvious: If the point of the band is immaturity, how the hell are you supposed to grow?
Answer: You do, but the band doesn't.
We're happy to report the release of GAY COWBOYS IN BONDAGE "The Completely Silly Discography: 1983-1984 on Burrito Records. --

.. domestic battlefield
.. muppets
.. x-rated go-go lunch
.. henry sarria
.. a.o.r.
.. cuffs on my hands
.. rip off
.. hymie
.. crime & violence
.. i hate flash
.. diddley-o
.. cuffs on my hands (2)
.. broken stick
.. cheddar cheese party
.. cowboys are gay
.. silliness overture
.. big fat baloney sandwich
.. crime & violence (2)
.. the illness song
.. more bruises
.. funny red mustache
.. fist may follow
.. muppets (live)
.. fire island luau (live)
.. tear down (live)
.. cowboys are gay (live)
.. maude (live)
.. mentally gene (live)
.. vacuum me out (live)
.. more business (live)
.. funny red mustache (live)
.. big fat baloney sandwich (live)
.. nuke a beach bum (live)
.. nuke a beack bum again (live)

** year - 2.005
** Label - Burritos Records
** Home-page - n/a
** Buy -

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