Saturday, December 13, 2008

V.A. - Secret Records, The Punk Singles Collection

Another great compilation from one of the best punk labels in the world, Anagram Records, presents Secret Records. Great classic punk bands and punk songs....

1. Dogs of War (the Exploited)
2. Army Life (the Exploited)
3. Exploited Barmy Army (the Exploited)
4. Kids of the 80's (Infa-Riot)
5. One Law for Them (The 4-Skins)
6. Dead Cities (the Exploited)
7. Harry May (the Business)
8. Yesterday's Heroes (The 4-Skins)
9. Jet Boy Jet Girl (Chron-Gen)
10. Attack (the Exploited)
11. I Lost My Love to A U.K. Sub (the Gonads)
12. Smash the Discos (the Business)
13. Winner (Infa-Riot)
14. Punk City Rockers (the Gonads)
15. Y.O.P. (the Exploited)
16. Feel the Rage (Infa-Riot)
17. Clouded Eyes (Chron-Gen)
18. Victim (the Strike)
19. Outlaw (Chron-Gen)
20. Computers Don't Blunder (the Exploited)
21. Low Life (the 4-Skins)
22. Troops of Tomorrow (the Exploited)
23. Seems to Me (the 4-Skins)
24. H-bomb (the Business)

** year - n/a
** Label - Cherry Red/Anagram
** Home-page - Cherry Red/Anagram
** Buy - Cherry Red/Anagram

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