Thursday, December 04, 2008

V.A. - Freakout Episode 2

Lookout! Freakout, Vol. 2 assembles some of the better-known artists from the Lookout label's roster of punk rock bands and some of their most representative songs. Highlights include the Donnas' "Do You Wanna Hit It," Bratmobile's "90s Nomad," Bis' "Dead Wrestlers," Screeching Weasel's "Pauline," the Mr. T Experience's "Mr. Ramones," and American Steel's "Turn It Out," to name a few. A great introduction to the punk label and its many talented bands. Since these are previously released songs, anyone who owns a lot of Lookout LPs might want to consider skipping this, though -- there's a good chance you may already own many of these songs.
~~ by Jason Birchmeier,

turn it out (american steel) - the princess dress (black cat music) - do you wanna hit it (the donnas) - juvenile detention (gaza strippers) - finger us (pattern) - 90's nomad (bratmobile) - wishing on a star (eyeliners) - dead wrestlers (bis) - under the hedge (ted leo) - glory bound (ann beretta) - perception (yesterday's kids) - am i on my own (common rider) - down there (the enemies) - one armed man (lillingtons) - pauline (screeching weasel) - hell yes (alkaline trio) - hello (wanna-be's) - mr. ramones (mr. t experience) - rottweiler (pitch black) - a day in the life of a snackrock superstar (Go-nuts) - i'm the boy for you (the queers) - trial and error (squirtgun) - ode to the shadow men on a shadowy (yesterday's kids) - the dirty penny (black cat music) - let's go (wanna-be's) - shrapnel (american steel).

** year - 2001
** Label - Lookout Recs.
** Home-page - N/A
** Buy - **OUT OF PRINT**

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