Thursday, December 04, 2008

V.A. - Freakout 2.000 Sampler Compilation

Lookout! Freakout is a budget sampler featuring punk/alternative bands on the Lookout label. This 24-track compilation contains material released in 1999 along with bonus unreleased tracks. The Donnas, the Mr T. Experience, the Queers, and Screetching Weasel are featured along with two tracks apiece from the Groovie Ghoulies and Ann Beretta.
~~ by Al Campbell,

tomorrow is a harsh mistress (mr. t experience) - hook it up (the donnas) - carry on (common rider) - carly simon (groovie ghoulies) - like a riot (ann beretta) - phantom maggot (lillingtons) - i want in (avengers) - got a backbelt (american steel) - city of lost children (enemy you) - ask beth (dr. frank) - digging a hole (citizen fish) - acknowledge (screeching weasel) - never ever (the queers) - bomb for the mainstream (moral crux) - babydoll (the mopes) - crip girl (jackie papers) - love american style (cleveland bound death sentence) - flying buttress (the smugglers) - wine in a box (black cat music) - better days (ann beretta) - signal signal (common rider) - write off today (squirtgun) - used to turn me on (pansy division) - freebird (groovie ghoulies).

** year - 2000
** Label - Lookout Recs.
** Home-page - N/A
** Buy - **OUT OF PRINT**

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