Thursday, December 04, 2008

V.A. - Brain Candy Music Matador

The soundtrack to the The Kids in the Hall's motion picture Brain Candy combines tracks by members of the irreverent Canadian comedy troupe with generous performances by indie rock superstars such as Guided By Voices, Yo La Tengo, and Liz Phair. The album leads off with the metal sludge of "Some Days It's Dark" by Death Lurks, a band consisting of Bruce McCulloch and the Odds that is also represented by the markedly more pleasant "Happiness Pie," a sugary ode to the miracle drug that is the movie's focal point. Not to be outdone, Scott Thompson performs his piece "I'm Gay," which is also featured prominently in Brain Candy. The serious musical highlights are the quirky but catchy "Painted Soldiers" by Pavement, Matthew Sweet's shining, hook-laden "Happiness," and They Might Be Giants' "Spiraling Shape." Also included is Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet's "Having an Average Weekend," which Kids in the Hall fans will recognize as the Kids' theme song.
~~ by Michael Frey,

some days it's dark (death lurks) - painted soldiers (pavement) - happiness (matthew sweet) - happines pie (death lurks) - six dick pimp (liz phair) - i'm gay (scott thompson and joe sealy) - spiralling shape (they might be giants) - swoon (pell mell) - birthday cake (cibo matto) - butts wigglin (the tragically hip) - postal blowfish (guided by voices) - pablo and andrea (yo la tengo) - how to play your internal organs overnight (stereolab) - nata di marzo (pizzicato five) - odds (eat my brain) - long dark twenties (paul bellini) - having an average weekend (shadowy men on a shadowy planet).

** year - 1996
** Label - Matador Records
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Damn dude this is freaking awesome! This is a really hard find. Thanks Man!