Monday, December 08, 2008

Thatcher on Acid - Curdled & Moondance @256k

Thatcher On Acid are an anarcho-punk band from the United Kingdom. They formed in Somerset during 1983. This is an awesome sounding after punk record with anarcho-political lyrics.2 albums on 1 cd,both of them lifted from their respective vinyl records,which exhibit some ticks and pops and a couple of skips here and there-nothing to worry about,though.Curdled,the studio album,date n/a,complete and brilliant lyrics supplied in an awesomely designed cd and sleeve.It's quite a departure from what someone might regard as crust,because it has a poppy and at the same time heavy side to it.The second album,10 songs in 1 cd track,features a live set from '87,with mostly the same songs but for one,in faster,rawer,heavier and very exciting versions,with excellent sound yet again.
The guitar work is out of this world,it's barb wired,hipnotic and intricate and minimalistic at the same time,no doubt this guy can play some serious guitar with a punk sound to it.On top of it all,this cd clocks in at an incredible76' + of serious KILLER music,no filler/higly recommended !!!!!!!
~~ bby Juan Martin Gabastou

guess who's running the show - new thing - taxi - riff raff orthodox - cage - is it art - wind up - thatcher on acid - fly - stop start - another one - casablanca - daddy - thatcher on acid [live at the brixton academy, london 4].

** year - 1997
** Label - Broken Rekids
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