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Scared Of Chaka - Masonic Youth

Scared Of Chaka were a punk rock band based in Albuquerque, New Mexico who formed in 1993 by guitarist/vocalist David Yanul Hernandez, bassist Dameon Waggoner, and drummer Jeff Jones who was later replaced by Ron Skrasek. The band played a Dickies inspired mix of garage and pop-punk, following in the footsteps of local Albuquerque act the Drags. The band released a number of full lengths, 7" EPs, and split records throughout their career for labels like 702 Records, Empty Records, Dirtnap Records and Hopeless spin off Sub City Records. With the release of 2001's Crossing with Switchblades the band called it quits. The band will be and has been playing a number of reunion shows in 2008. On September 20 they will be performing with Dillinger Four as part of the inaugural year of Madison's Forward Music Fest.Following the break up of Scared of Chaka, Dave Hernandez formed Broadcast Oblivion in 2002 with Coady Willis (of Murder City Devils, Dead Low Tide and Big Business) and Andrew Church (of The Droo Church and The Supersuckers).
Hernandez had previously performed in projects with James Mercer, who went on to form popular indie rock act The Shins (Scared of Chaka also released a split 7" with the pre-Shins act Flake Music). The original lineup of The Shins featured Hernandez on Bass. After a year, however, he left the band to pursue a personal relationship in New York. [1] In 2003 when Shins bassist Neal Langford left the group, Hernandez re-joined the Shins as a bassist. He now resides along with the rest of the band in Portland, Oregon.
Scared of Chaka's music was influential in the U.S. garage / punk rock scene. Current bands that have continued similar musical threads, such as the Riverboat Gamblers and Noise Noise Noise have cited Scared of Chaka as an influence.

1.Must / 2.Cashed Out / 3.Japan / 4.5 Side master / 6.Wanna Makek it Happen / 7.Goodsky / 8.Bad Looks / 9.Now Theres Fire / 10.Big Mess / 11.Toilet Duck / 12.Blue Hit / 13.Sea Dragon / 14.Only One

** year - 1996
** Label - Empty Records
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