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New Model Army - Bizarre Festival Cologne (Aug. 17, 1996) (DVD-RIP)

New Model Army's earliest material on their debut album Vengeance (1984) could probably with some justification be regarded as modern punk, albeit more melodic than the works of many of their classic counterparts.
Through the years, however, New Model Army have experimented with a great number of musical styles and nurtured numerous different inspirations. As a rock band they generally stand out of the crowd having a greater emphasis on the rhythm section, which often contains references to R&B. Their music is often regarded as intense, angry, and powerful, some might even say militant. However their repertoire is much wider and more subtle than that and also includes quieter, more emotive and softer material often performed acoustically. Thus it would be inaccurate to simply classify them as any of these genres. Rather one should recognise them for what they really are: a very versatile underground cult rock band with many different musical roots. They have toured and recorded constantly for over 26 years and continue to do so and are considered a seminal influence by many contemporary younger rock bands.[citation needed]
Their lyrics are always very poetic, but still manage to express political and humanitarian messages. Songs like "51st State" (lyrics written by Ashley Cartwright of 'The Shakes') earned the band cult status in movements against American imperialism, but made it more difficult for the band to tour the US. The contradiction and search for deeper truths explored in New Model Army's lyrics stem from lyricist Justin Sullivan's deeply religious (Quaker) and literary upbringing.
Lyrically Justin Sullivan has had a very close relationship with British artist, novelist, and poet Joolz Denby, who is often credited as a consultant or Muse and sometimes even co-writer. She is also responsible for the characteristic artwork on their covers, merchandise, t-shirts etc. The Arts Council/Yorkshire Museums & Galleries international touring exhibition of Denby's artworks for NMA and their memorabilia is entitled with some accuracy 'One Family, One Tribe - The art & Artefacts Of New Model Army', and is unique in its presentation of the art of a working rock band.
As a music group, New Model Army also stand out because they tend to see themselves as an organisation rather than a business as the name of their homepage,, signifies.

.. intro
.. white light
.. believe it
.. stupid question
.. over the wire
.. f. sharp newy
.. headlights
.. purity
.. brother
.. get me out
.. no pain
.. 225
.. bad old world
.. green and grey
.. here comes the war
.. i love the world

** year - 1.996
** Label - Thor Records
** Home-page -
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Bootleg show broadcast from television, quality is average.

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