Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Iggy & The Stooges - Live in Detroit (DVD-Rip)

What hit me from the opening song, "Loose", was the killer tone from Ron Asheton's guitar; talk about a trip in the "way back" machine. It's 1969 all over again. If the fuzz-wah guitar from "Funhouse" still gives you goosebumps, I guarantee this dvd will not disappoint.
We're talkin' flat out in your face Marshall stacks. What follows is a true Stooges fan dream come true. Again, the sound throughout the performance is excellent. The mix between the bass, drums, guitar & Iggy's voice is perfect. Oh, and let's not forget Mr. Pop. Iggy is peerless when it comes to live performances, and he proves himself again on this dvd. The camera work gives the viewer a real sense of what being at this concert in person must have been like. This dvd is not plagued with the constant camera angle changes every two seconds like on many concert performances. We get a good look at all the performers throughout the show; especially Iggy & Ron Asheton during his guitar solos. (By the way....I don't get the reviews slamming the camera work here? I quess the fact I have all the original Stooges albums on vinyl & don't watch MTV must have something to do with it). Also included is some great bonus material including performance by the band in a small New York record store. While the sound on the record store show is only fair, it's Iggy live! Come on, how many dvds are out there capturing what this man is all about! Anyone who is reading this must be a Iggy & The Stooges fan and debating the purchase of this dvd. Add this to your cart & buy it ASAP! Do not shy away from this one iota. You will not regret this purchase.
... reviewd by The Woj

.. loose
.. down on the street
.. 1969
.. i wanna be your dog
.. tv eye
.. dirt
.. real cool time
.. no fun
.. 1970
.. funhouse
.. skull ring
.. not right
.. little doll
.. i wann be your dog (reprise)

Featuring: **Iggy Pop **Ron Asheton **Scott Asheton **Steve Mackay **Mike Watt

** year - 2.004
** Label - Indie Records
** Home-page - www.iggypop.com
** Buy - www.creemmagazine.com
** Buy - Amazon

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Format - divX (.avi)
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Aspect Ratio - 1.33:1

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