Monday, December 08, 2008

Cletus - Horseplay Leads to Tragedy @256k

CLETUS' third full-length is by far their best work to date. With the same great production as their previous two LP's(thanks to veteran punk producer Mass Giorgini), "Horseplay..." is a non-stop hit machine. My personal favorites this time around are "I Don't Mind"(the most radio-friendly cut) and the scorching fast number "Don't Touch Me". But it's almost impossible to single out individual songs over the others because this whole record is so good! And to top it all off, seeing the band live is an amazing experience as well. This band is really at the top of their game, and we in South Carolina(CLETUS' home state) really hope this record brings them all the attention they deserve.

christine's a lesbian - i don't mind - don't touch me - 8 ways to hate you - big eyed kim - undone - rachel said - somewhere down the road - when i'm gone - here comes your mom - evelyn's on heroin.

** year - 1999
** Label - Johann's Face Recs.
** Home-page - n/a
** Buy - Amazon

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