Monday, December 01, 2008

Angelic Upstarts - The Last Tango in Moscow @VBR

Formed in South Shields, England in 1977, the Angelic Upstarts was one of the period's most politically-charged and thought-provoking groups; though technically a skinhead band, their records attacked the racism and fascism so prevalent throughout the skinhead community, and while also technically a punk unit, their music quickly evolved beyond the movement's limited scope.

1.One more Day / 2.Machine Gun Kelly / 3.Progress / 4.Blackleg Miner / 5.Who's Got the Money / 6.Last Tango in Moscow / 7.I Think I should Be Free / 8.Never Return / 9.Rude Boy / 10.No News / 11.Jarrow Woman / 12.Nowhere to Run / 13.Paint It In Red / 14.There's a Drink In It / 15.Listen to the Silence / 16.She Don't Cry Anymore / 17.I Won't Pay for Liberty / 18.Never Return to Hell / 19.When Will They Learn / 20.No Nukes.

** year - 1984
** Label - Picasso
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