Monday, November 24, 2008

Skankin' Pickle - Green Album

The band got a call from Dr. Strange Records asking if they'd record some stuff for an EP. The album became an LP with the addition of a few songs. Recorded for under $800, each band member picked a few songs to 'cover' and made that song their own. Devlin, Devo, Gorilla Biscuits (for the hXc fans), Klark Kent, Knackstedt, Bad Brains, Bad Manners and Oingo Boingo are covered on here in a ska-style. Bruce left the band after this to do his own thing. It's cool enough that the album cover is pure green. But, this album really rocks.

- gas in my car
- gates of steel
- cup flipper
- start today
- rest of the world
- don't care
- my hair
- pay to cum
- ties that bind
- special brew
- make a change
- sleep
- violent love

--year: 1996
--label: dr. strange recs.
--buy: interpunk

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