Monday, November 24, 2008

Moral Crux - I Was a Teenage Teenager

Where To Start? Moral Crux has been playing politically aware punk-pop since the mid/late '80s with little or no recognition. They put out consistently brillant records that most of the punk scene was to lame to notice. Then in the mid ninties they were included on Ben Weasels "Punk U.S.A." comp. on lookout records. Finally thanks to that they started to get the respect that their hard work and great songs deserved. With a new Album out on Panic Button records selling well the boys are able to get their earlier records rereleased and distributed properly. "I Was a Teenage Teenager" was originaly released on Monitor records. I have the original Vinyl version and all nine songs are amazing (I'm not sure if the new disc has more tracks) picture a poppier Stiff Little Fingers or a politically aware Vibrators or Buzzcocks. I would give this a album a solid five if it weren't for the somewhat poor production quality. Anyway these guys have been doing this for awhile and are the real thing. Check them out I promise you won't be dissapointed.

.cosmetic rebellion
.waiting for a bomb
.teenage atrocity
.single bullet homicide
.room 101
.afraid of competition
.teenage kicks
.booked on suspicion
.some say
.don't need you
.your name
.psychotic neurotic
.victim of hype

--year: 2001
--label: coldfront
--buy: amazon

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