Thursday, November 27, 2008

Squirtgun - Squirtgun

Squirtgun was a band formed by producer Mass Giorgini in 1994, and was made up of former members of his recently disbanded Rattail Grenadier. Squirtgun signed almost immediately to Lookout Records, with which Mass had already developed a steady relationship as a record producer.
Squirtgun's first release, the CD-EP Shenanigans, hit the streets in the Spring of 1995, with their debut self-titled full-length appearing that fall. Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, who co-produced The Riverdales with Mass, recommended Squirtgun to Jeff Saltzman, who was advising on the soundtrack for Mallrats, the then-upcoming film by Kevin Smith. This full-length CD contained the song "Social", which was featured later that same year in the opening credits of Mallrats, and the song "Make It Up" featuring guest vocals by Green Day's Mike Dirnt. "Social" has since become a cult classic.
1996 brought Squirtgun's second CD-EP, Mary Ann, a tribute to their favorite castaway from Gilligan's Island. A video was filmed for the title track, and featured an appearance from Mary Ann herself, actress Dawn Wells. The video was released in the Spring of 1997 and shown on MTV's 120 Minutes and put into regular rotation on MTV2. Squirtgun's second full-length, Another Sunny Afternoon, was also released in the Spring of '97. Several songs from Another Sunny Afternoon were featured in major motion pictures and TV shows, including "Come On Let's Go" in The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave, and "You're the Greatest" on Fox Television Network's Clueless sitcom. In the Fall of 1998, after 5 years of high activity and playing shows with the likes of The Bouncing Souls, The Queers, Blink-182, Less Than Jake, At the Drive-In, Anti-Flag, and NOFX, Squirtgun went on a hiatus in order to pursue other interests and other band projects.
Mass and Dan joined Screeching Weasel, recording and releasing several albums, including Television City Dream, on Fat Wreck Chords. The bass-drum duo also formed Common Rider with singer/guitarist Jesse Michaels (formerly of Operation Ivy), releasing two full-length albums, and touring extensively in 2002. Dan also drummed on albums by the Mopes, the Methadones, and Even In Blackouts, among others. Mass continued his producing career, primarily in Sonic Iguana Studios, which he founded in 1990. In this capacity, he recorded several noteworthy albums by bands such as Anti-Flag, the Queers, Born Against, Screeching Weasel, Rise Against, Teen Idols, Groovie Ghoulies, The Eyeliners, Riverdales, the Lillingtons, Moral Crux, Big in Japan, the Smoking Popes, and many more.
Matt received his MFA in creative writing and began teaching in the Academic Studies Department at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, a four year college of Art and Design. His poems and reviews have been published in numerous literary journals, including Conduit, Ploughshares, and Spinning Jenny. He is the editor of Forklift, Ohio: A Journal of Poetry, Cooking & Light Industrial Safety.
Flav also took an academic route, earning a PhD degree in molecular genetics and publishing manuscripts in several respected scientific journals, including Development and Molecular and Cellular Biology. He also founded and the GPC guitar company, designing original guitars used by bands such as Alkaline Trio, Screeching Weasel, the Queers, Allister and many more.
In the summer of 2001 Squirtgun regrouped and began work on the album Fade To Bright, for Honest Don's Records. Fade To Bright was released in the Summer 2003, supported by a US tour. In the Fall of 2003, legendary punk rock drummer Mike Felumlee (Smoking Popes, Alkaline Trio) replaced Dan on drums, and Squirtgun hit the road with The Ataris, Hopesfall, and Planes Mistaken for Stars. In the spring of 2004, Squirtgun toured the U.K.
Following the tour they disbanded yet again, but briefly regrouped in 2006 to play a benefit show for an international graduate student who needed surgery.
Squirtgun played their first show in almost 2 years in their hometown of Lafayette, IN, on February 9th, 2008 at the Venue.

..long so long
..elaine on the brain
..allergic to you orange
..liar's corner
..with a grin & a kick
..morning grit
..less than nothing
..make it up
..headache all day
..frederick's frost

..year - 1995
..label - Lookout Records - Lookout Records
..official website -

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Moral Crux - I Was a Teenage Teenager

Where To Start? Moral Crux has been playing politically aware punk-pop since the mid/late '80s with little or no recognition. They put out consistently brillant records that most of the punk scene was to lame to notice. Then in the mid ninties they were included on Ben Weasels "Punk U.S.A." comp. on lookout records. Finally thanks to that they started to get the respect that their hard work and great songs deserved. With a new Album out on Panic Button records selling well the boys are able to get their earlier records rereleased and distributed properly. "I Was a Teenage Teenager" was originaly released on Monitor records. I have the original Vinyl version and all nine songs are amazing (I'm not sure if the new disc has more tracks) picture a poppier Stiff Little Fingers or a politically aware Vibrators or Buzzcocks. I would give this a album a solid five if it weren't for the somewhat poor production quality. Anyway these guys have been doing this for awhile and are the real thing. Check them out I promise you won't be dissapointed.

.cosmetic rebellion
.waiting for a bomb
.teenage atrocity
.single bullet homicide
.room 101
.afraid of competition
.teenage kicks
.booked on suspicion
.some say
.don't need you
.your name
.psychotic neurotic
.victim of hype

--year: 2001
--label: coldfront
--buy: amazon

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Matt Skiba & Kevin Seconds

Five songs each from Mr. 7 Seconds and Mr. Alkaline Trio. Both men play all their instruments on their individual recordings. Both play extremely heartfelt music that you'll be compelled to sing along with. The LP is limited so get it while you can.

-good fucking bye [matt skiba]
-the city that day [matt skiba]
-next to you [matt skiba]
-in your wake [matt skiba]
-soul to keep [matt skiba]
-extra something [kevin seconds]
-ugly mouth [kevin seconds]
-1981 [kevin seconds]
-yesteryear [kevin seconds]
-motherfuckers [kevin seconds]

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Buckfast Superbee - 1/2

1. L world
2. launch
3. reason 2
4. mutant pet from mexico
5. gravity 1 a foot
6. middle of the album song
7. can crush failure
8. ace
9. lego planet of space
10. nowhere fast
11. lurker
12. fit you in
13. shopping
14. bonus track

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Skankin' Pickle - Green Album

The band got a call from Dr. Strange Records asking if they'd record some stuff for an EP. The album became an LP with the addition of a few songs. Recorded for under $800, each band member picked a few songs to 'cover' and made that song their own. Devlin, Devo, Gorilla Biscuits (for the hXc fans), Klark Kent, Knackstedt, Bad Brains, Bad Manners and Oingo Boingo are covered on here in a ska-style. Bruce left the band after this to do his own thing. It's cool enough that the album cover is pure green. But, this album really rocks.

- gas in my car
- gates of steel
- cup flipper
- start today
- rest of the world
- don't care
- my hair
- pay to cum
- ties that bind
- special brew
- make a change
- sleep
- violent love

--year: 1996
--label: dr. strange recs.
--buy: interpunk

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98 mute - 98 Mute

First of all, this band is from the South Bay, which is Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo, all beach communities in Southern California. This area has spawned many amazing punk bands such as Black Flag, Pennywise, and the Deviates. 98 Mute is just another one of these bands bringing the SoCal sound of fast and hard punk to the ears of the public. I don't know what that moron from Jeresey was saying about them being English.
Anyway this band plays fast and hard music, and they do it well. One of the songs on the album, "Painkiller" is featured on the soundtrack for the original Tony Hawk videogame, so it may sound familiar. If you like Pennywisw, you'll like this band. Buy the album, go from there.

. wrong
. a.c.a.b.
. dreams
. another boring day
. painkiller
. answers
. them
. better days ahead
. ground zero
. young americans
. beauty queen
. don't
. fair game
. last laugh

--year: 1996
--label: theologian recs.
--buy: amazon

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98 Mute - Class of 98

This album is an all time classic, Fast ragging West coast hardcore, influced by Bad Religion, Minor Threat, Pennywise, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Suicidal Tendencies stuff like that, Simular to first pennywise album but a bit faster, more angry and raw and just in your face energy. Its very hard to understand what he is saying and even when you read the lyrics its hard to keep up. Buy This instead of the Casualties.

. ask yourself
. how do you feel now
. election year
. breakdown
. shine
. great expectations
. hangman
. growing old
. perfect sense
. slander
. short fuse
. open your eyes
. picture this
. watch over me

--year: 1998
--label: theologian recs.
--buy: interpunk (

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