Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Ruts - Grin and Bear It

Grin and Bear It, the second album by the Ruts, was hastily cobbled together in the wake of frontman Malcolm Owen's death, a ragbag of material that reached from their "In a Rut" debut single through to an alternate mix of their "West One" swan song (via their final John Peel session) and three live tracks. It was a shambolic offering -- the Ruts deserved far more. However, Grin and Bear It lines up alongside their debut album, the rest of the Peel sessions, and assorted live recordings to remind listeners that, though the Ruts never came close to fulfilling their promise, the promise itself was spellbinding.
~ by Dave Thompson, All Music Guide

1. West one (shine on me)
2. staring at the rude boys
3. demolition dancing
4. secret soldier
5. h-eyes
6. in a rut
7. love in vain
8. s.u.s.
9. babylon's burning
10. society

.. Year: 1980
.. Label: Virgin
.. Country: England
.. Bitrate: VBR (0)
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