Thursday, October 09, 2008

Moral Crux - Greatest Hits (Updated & Enhanced)

Portland's punk-pop outfit Moral Crux is another rollicking rock band with a musical and political outlet that resembles the intensity of the Queers. Having played to SoCal crowds and surroudings punk pockets since the early '90s, Moral Crux built themselves a name and landed a deal with Lookout!, the label that brought Green Day, Rancid, and the Donnas to the mainstream. Something More Dangerous was issued in fall 1999 and Side Effects of Thinking followed a year later. I Was a Teenage Teenager and And Nothing But the Truth were both issued on Coldfront in early 2001.
~ MacKenzie Wilson, Allmusic

.. cosmetic rebellion
.. waiting for a bomb
.. teenage atrocity
.. single bullet homicide
.. room 101
.. teenage kicks
.. afraid of competition
.. booked on suspicion
.. some say
.. law & order
.. mindless obedience
.. strange world
.. mental oppression
.. stop the KKKlan
.. so alone
.. voices of reaction
.. your eyes
.. killers without conscience
.. don't forget
.. street noir
.. pathos
.. another funeral

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