Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lower East Side Stitches - STAJA 98 L.E.S

Hard and driving, L.E.S. Stitches crank out uncompromising straight-up punk. With a pair of punishing guitars cranking out Ramones style riffs, the band's cranks out a relentless sonic attack. While not hardcore, L.E.S. Stitches manage a no-holds-barred east coast sound thick with the smoke and grime of small clubs.
Don’t look now, but punk is still refusing to die. It’s a refreshing switch to see a punk band putting its efforts where it belongs—into its music—rather than concentrating on half-baked schemes to prove just how punk it is. Confident in its abilities and style, Lower East Side Stitches crank out a self-assured platter balancing its solid, anthemic punk sounds against a reserved, though in no way apologetic, atmosphere. Mixing full-bodied riffs thick with the aura of the Ramones with an attitude reminiscent of British realpunk bands, Staja 98 L.E.S. is nothing if not a tribute to the ghosts of punk rock past. Thankfully, however, the Stitches avoid knocking out hack-worthy imitations of their elders, blowing out a string of tracks capturing the paradoxically nihilistic and hopeful attitude found in the punk through its history. At its best when the band delivers matter-of-fact glimpses of life, the Stitches display a flair for almost journalistic paintings of urban life. With an almost off-handed causality, the Stitches capture the pangs of desperation with startlingly powerful tracks such as "NYC Is Dead," "Frustration," and "Down the Drain." Though nearly overflowing with despondency, the Stitches don’t glorify a lifestyle, or complain or boast of their street credibility. They simply tell it like it is.
While not breaking any new ground musically, the Stitches musical attack suits its aims. Snare and high hat patterns provide the background for stripped-down Ramones-style guitar and bass. Though not groundbreaking, the Stitches pull off their sound with a relaxed capability often absent in bands desperate to prove themselves. At times, however, Staja strays from its strengths, with tracks dabbling in some of punk’s characteristic short-sidedness. While rarely glorifying the hand-to-mouth world of punk, songs like "Naked A" and "ID" do little but enshrine long-held views on the links between alcoholism and punk cred. Other songs simply lack the vision of the band’s better material, such as "Unload Reload," a typical look at the trials of touring, and the simply pointless "Jungle Man" and "Tiger Boy."
~ Matt Schild on AVERSION

.. down the drain
.. nyc is dead
.. naked a
.. unload reload
.. parasite
.. rustic city
.. jungle man
.. disgusted
.. frustration
.. another left down
.. could just die
.. id
.. drink some more
.. tiger boy

.. Year: 1998
.. Label: Ng Records
.. Country: U.S.A.
.. Bitrate: VBR (0)
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Zach said...

Good stuff. Only on the first song and like it already.

piero lucas said...

please could someone reupload les stitches thanx